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Mosquito Spray From Akapulko

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The municipality of Parang, province of Maguindanao is known to be a resourceful Community but very dangerous site. Mosquitoes are the most common problem in the Community. Many have died and many are hospitalized today because of the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous insect in the world, especially the female Anopheles mosquito which transmit malaria, dengue and can kill more than millions of people in one year.

The researcher wish to consider making his own mosquito killer out of some natural resources, called the Acapulco plants to kill mosquitoes. Acapulco is very abundant in the Philippines. It can treat Tinea infections, insect bites, ringworms, eczema, scabies and itchiness. Acapulco leaves are very rich in alkaloids. Alkaloids are a group of naturally occurring chemical compounds that contain mostly basic nitrogen atoms. Alkaloids are very toxic to some organism. Acapulco plants can be a main component of a mosquito killer. The product is also for minimal consumption of mosquito killer. Unlike the commercial mosquito killer, the Acapulco plant extract cost less and the plant is very abundant in our country. Acapulco can help our health at same time. The smell of the extract can kill ringworms inside our body; in fact, it is the only alternative mosquito killer to have fully completed the health effects testing requirements. The researcher chooses Acapulco plant as a mosquito killer.

Statement of the Problem
This study was conducted generally to develop a low-cost Mosquito killer out of Acapulco extract without spending any money.
Specifically, it sought to determine the following:
1. Do Acapulco extract spray kill mosquito?

2. How does the homemade mosquito killer differ in cost and effectiveness from commercialized one?

Significance of the Study
This study is significant in making an effective, affordable, and safe mosquito killer that can be used to kill mosquitoes around the house without any risk to our health. This study is very helpful to the people who couldn’t afford buying some expensive mosquito killer especially to those in barrios.

With this research, mosquito prone area can be given a break from its almost dangerous state for decades. This research will stop the dengue outbreaks cause by the mosquitoes.

Scope and Limitation
The study is limited only to the effectiveness of the homemade mosquito killer that is used to kill a thousand of mosquitoes.

Fresh leaves of Acapulco plants, Mosquitoes, Mortar and Pestle, Beaker, and white cloth are gathered. First, the researcher gathered Acapulco leaves. Second, the researcher pounds the leaves to make it into smaller pieces so that it can be easily extracted. After pounding, the researcher extracts the leaves using a white cloth. After the extraction, the researcher put the extracts on a beaker to measure the level of the extract for the testing of product. Then, the researcher put the extract on the spray bottle. Finally, the testing of product is done.

The flow process of making mosquito killer spray using the fresh leaves of Acapulco plant.

Results and Discussion

Table A. shows the minutes of mosquito mortality rate in a certain ml. No. of ml
Mortality of the Mosquito
Number of Mosquito died
20 minutes
6 mosquitoes
15 minutes
9 mosquitoes
10 minutes
13 mosquitoes
3 minutes
16 mosquitoes

The table above shows that in 15ml, the mortality of mosquito is 20 minutes and in 20ml, the mortality of mosquito is 15 minutes and in 25 ml the mortality of mosquito is 10 minutes. In 50 ml, the mortality of mosquito is 3 minutes. The higher the volume of the extract, the shorter the mortality of mosquito. The higher the volume of the extract the more effective it is.

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