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Mommy Track Without Shame

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Many women will trade money for family-but it was once taboo to say so. This phrase has caught my attention most of all. There are a great amount of well educated women and some of them make the decision to focus on family while others want “CAREERANDFAMILY”. I personal think it just depends what kind of life you have always dreamed of and what kind of goals you set for your life while still single and in college. The article states that most Americans have established a way of life. Most continue to have children to combine motherhood and their career paths in which they make long-term investments and from which they derive not only income but personal satisfaction and identity. But there are a women, who are extremely creative and talented and are willing to trade some career discoveries for family or which they call freedom from the constant pressure to work long hours and weekends. This article is saying that instead of retaining these women who still want to stay in the work force, they should include part-time arrangements. These arrangements would cause slower promotions and lower pay but women but women are entirely willing to make the tradeoff.

What the article is showing us is that the percentages we see are much higher now because of the new work patterns that no longer forced women to make an all or nothing choice. These “MBA mothers”, the economists write, “seem to actively choose jobs that are family-friendly with long hours and greater career-advancement possibilities. Therefore, in my opinion, I strongly agree that every work force should provide a women a choice of the hours she is willing to work. If we do not stand for this, the world might be missing out on some creative ideas and advancements. If a women is willing to take on a family and a career at the same time, we as a society, should definitely recognize that individual as one brave soul because that is another talent in itself. The article has stated how companies need to recognize these brave women as a “precious resource” instead of pathetic losers and that brings me back to my point. The company is not losing anything, they are inwardly gaining an individual who is obviously going to be a hard worker and we can identify that just by seeing that want to pursue a career while maintaining a healthy family all at once.

I think we would not have such an issue allowing flexible hours for women with family and career on their list of responsibilities if women had this kind of mentality from the beginning. Back in the day there were a lot fewer women who even tried to consider entering the work force and today society is a little bit still on the same mentality. Also, I think that firms/companies should at least give women a chance to glow and show what kind of hidden talents they have within them before they require women to work full time and have no flexible hours for them available. It is almost like a discrimination against women who have children. If we have so many other laws against discrimination and some are a bit ridiculous, we should have one against the discrimination of motherhood in the work force. I mean, If mothers are ready to run such a hectic and full life, why not go ahead and challenge them a little bit to make them realize they are much stronger than they think they are and can handle more than they think they can handle!

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