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Miss Gee notes

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Scenes and Places
83 Clevedon Terrace, ‘Church Bazaar’, Miss Gee’s dream at a palace than into a place of the unknown where no objects are there but her and the vicar having sex, during summer Miss Gee got on her bicycle and passed lovers down the street, she visits a clinic and meets Doctor Tomas. A hospital emerges as she is taken there, she gets hanged up in the anatomy room where Oxford students dissect her.

Time and Sequence
Told retrospectively, the omniscient narrator takes us to Miss Gee’s last moment of her life – the narrator presents Miss Gee in the middle of her life up to her death. Throughout the whole poem, the narrator stays the same mocking Miss Gee and her life.

Miss Gee is the centre of the poem. The Doctor comes in late during the poem where he takes on an active role contrasting with the Vicar where he is only active in Miss Gee’s imagination/dream, not the poem itself. Miss Gee’s characteristic is shown through her prudish dress sense and her self-absorbed personality.

Told from an outsider’s perspective, it dominates the story and helps prevail Miss Gee’s lonely life. The voice is not attached to Miss Gee personally. The voice zooms in and out of Miss Gee’s life simultaneously whilst zooming in on other conversations held by the Doctor Thomas and his wife.

Point of View
The narrator adapts different point of views – Miss Gees first, then Doctor Thomas and lastly the Oxford groupers/Mr Rose the lecturer. This is to heighten how absurd Miss Gee’s life really is as they all lack any positive memories of Miss Gee or even mock Miss Gee without getting to know her.

Leads up to Miss Gee’s death and her aftermath. It is lonely and sad. Guess it emphasises how unimportant Miss Gee is after all even though she is the centre point of the poem.

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