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Mike and Sweatshops labor

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Do you think the criticism of Nike is fair, considering that the host countries are in dire needs of creating jobs?Yes and no. In a pure capitalist economic system employers will seek to pay workers as little in cash and benefits as possible and will locate his plant in the location that incurs the least cost. That being said there is a certain moral consideration to pay a wage that allows the worker to reasonably support themselves and their dependents. Lastly you should consider Henry Ford’s Famous quote “The more I pay my workers, the more modal “T”s they can buy. 2. What do you think Nike’s executives might have done differently to prevent the sensitive charges of sweatshop labor in overseas factories? For a start build safe modern facilities and pay a decent prevailing wage scale. Of course if the appropriate wage for the area is $ .90/hr and there is little in the way of local Health & Safety regulations. it is difficult for someone raised in the usa not to see these as oppressive conditions and view the entrepreneur as taking Advantage of “downtrodden people” 3. Do firms need to consider the so-call ed corporate social responsibilities in making investment decisions? Absolutely ! We are seen a time when the Traditional superpowers are seeing their influence decline globally.

Meanwhile the former 3rd. world nations are industrializing and modernizing and are becoming players in the world economy Too many of these nations harbor hostility towards us for our perceived plundering of their resources and people  Yes and no, Nike’s investments in such Asian countries as China, Indonesia, and Vietnam were motivated to take advantage of low labor costs in those countries. While Nike was criticized for the poor working conditions for its workers, the company has recognized the problem and has try to improve the working environments. Although Nike’s workers get paid very low compared to Western standard, but they rather accept it than being unemployed. While Nike’s detractors may have valid points, but they should not ignore the fact that the company is making contributions to the economic welfare of those Asian countries by creating job opportunities.I think Nike’s should try to improve the environment in their oversea facilities. In addition, make insurance policies with their workers in case they have problems about health. The most impotant things is raise salary after 1 or 2 years working.

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