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Marriage and Bride

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A Pakistani and American wedding is a traditional ceremony with a lots of fun on wedding of bride and groom. It brings all the family members together of the bride and groom. A lots of cultures have different ways of celebrating wedding traditions. In Pakistani wedding it has only 4 steps but in American wedding it has only 1 step. In Pakistani wedding it held for only three days event while American marriages does not take too much time.

A Pakistani wedding has four steps. The first one is called ‘mangni’ which is actually an engagement ceremony. It certified the engagement of the couple. It is a small ceremony that takes place only in front of few family members of bride and groom and it doesn’t have to be a big ceremony. After that the prayer and blessings are recited and the wedding date is decided. The next ceremony is the Mayun where the bride enters a state of separation for 8 to 15 days it depends on the wedding date. The bride is free from all doing things and the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other. She is not allowed to leave the house during the stage of Mayun. The second step is ‘Dolki’ (drum) which is a signing ceremony and different kinds of songs sung. In these events the bride is know treated as a bride or a dulhan. The next is mehendi it’s a hena party which takes a place before the wedding. She wears a traditional Pakistani yellow outfit and her siblings, family members and friends takes her to the event. Where they sing, dance and sadka is performed on the bride.

Which means evil things stay away from her. After the ceremony the dinner is served, and traditionally the bride covers her face in the ceremony. Mehendi is also done on the grooms side as well where the bride does not participate. But in some case if the bride and groom are already engaged than they both can participate. The third step is Baraat and Nikah it usually happens together or one after the other. It’s the official ceremony of the wedding. That’s when the grooms family, relatives and friends go to the bride’s home. They are warmly welcomed by the bride’s family, relatives and friends. It is there they share juices and foods and meet and greet each other. This happens only in baraat. Than nikah recited this is the purely Islamic ritual, it is attended by only close members where men and women are seated separately.

The nikah nama contain only certain terms and conditions. Which are written and agreed by both of the parties of the bride and groom. After that the next ceremony is the ruksati which means the wife goes to her husband house. The fourth step is the Valima. Which is more likely a wedding reception. This done’s by the groom’s side. In this events the grooms family invite the bride’s family, relative and friends also they invite their family, relative and friends too.

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