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Marketing Analysis of Avon Musk

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The product of the ad is called “Avon Musk” and is a four piece set consisting of cologne, after shave conditioner, 2-in-1 hair and body wash, and anti-perspirant deodorant. It appears that the original value of this set is $29.49, but the ad is selling it at $18. Avon makes it a point to make their prices noticeable to be able to reach the more price conscious consumer. Avon’s target demographic is obviously aimed towards men. They’re trying to pry at a man’s sense of pride and sense of masculinity. Men with a little extra money to spend and especially young image conscious men would be most susceptible to this kind of advertising. I’d imagine that ambitious and bright men in the middle class would buy this product to emulate this person of high status, the ideal they’re striving for.

The four products are the main focus, which is indicated by the fact that it is the biggest object and in the center of the ad. Avon’s choice of color pallete for this product consist of black, white, and blues. Black is a color used to represent the product’s aura of sophistication, mystery, power, and sexuality. White symbolizes perfection and cleanliness. When black and white are mixed together, it symbolizes a very dynamic contrast of a raw and powerful energy with a sense peace and softness. The added blues give a touch of calmness and security to the sharp contrast between the blacks and blues. Specifically, the lighter shades of blue, noticed in the cologne, are used to give a more healing and softness to the ad that is similar to the reenergizing feeling of taking a shower after a long day. The streaks of the darker blue, used in the the after shave cream; hair and body wash; and deodorant, is used to represent a sense of seriousness and intellect. Rather than the more aggressive and wild facet of masculinity, the product is selling the image of a matured masculinity that has gained control over his instinct and uses it to protect.

Along with the product comes a shirtless model in the top left corner of the page. Despite not being in the center, it is still a close second to the focus of the ad. He’s supposed to be the embodiment of what powerful masculinity is. The model in the ad gives off a certain intensity and focus. The background of the model’s portrait is blurred out to give him a very distinct presence. This is further emphasized by the up close perspective of the shot. He does not give a direct gaze towards the up close to the camera, which would be a sign of shyness and respect. However, this gaze is used to make sure that his power isn’t exactly directed towards the audience. If his facial hair had been ungroomed and looked straight into the camera, he’d look powerful but intimidating. Which would be contrary to the sophisticated masculinity this ad is presenting. Instead, they had to portray his power through bringing attention to one feature: his musculature. A very stocky and well built physique is one of the obvious markers of strength as it takes discipline and effort to attain this image. With the use of lighting and sweat, they made sure that every muscle easy to see. The lighting makes his head cast a shadow over hid his left shoulder while making part of his broad shoulders and upper chest shine, when used with the sweat. His pecs is covered with more beady sweat droplets that separate it from the other muscles.

The top right consists of the words “Powerful Masculinity” in all caps and with the word Powerful bolded. Of course this brings more attention the concept of power. There’s a vague claim that this will make give a man a masculine power, since the concept of power and masculine varies from culture to culture and from individual to individual. Even then, no matter what definition you use, any man would feel a sense of insecurity if they were deemed as emasculated or weak. It’s quite obvious that with the use of the model, it’s being used to attack a man’s sense of security in his manhood. Women’s selection in partners have more of an emphasis on a potential partner ability to provide some sort of protection and stability. Consequently, it leads to competition amongst other males to prove who could reach that potential.

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