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Managing the Virus Hunters

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Q1. Keeping professional’s excited about work that is routine and standardized and chaotic is a major challenge for Vincent Weafer. How could he use technical, human, and conceptual skills to maintain an environment that encourages innovation and professionalism among the virus hunters? Answer: Vincent Weafer’s applies following techniques that encourage innovation and professionalism among the virus hunters. 1-Firstly, he divided work into smaller and specialized groups to perform in much better way. 2-To attain professionalism he then focuses on efficient working. As the work keeps on moving and never stopped. Example When Santa Monica’s team finished, Tokyo took over, when Japanese team finishes this handed over to Dublin and then again back to Santa Monica. Q2. What management roles would Vincent is playing as he (a) had weekly security briefing conference calls with co-workers around the globe. (b) Assessed the feasibility of adding a new network security consulting service, or (c) Kept employees focused on the company’s commitments to customers?

Answer: According to the conditions Vincent has played following roles respectively. (a) Vincent has played Interpersonal role as he worked as a figurehead, leader, liaison as he was obliged to perform number of duties he motivates and gathered many students and develop relations with them and also informational role as he act as a monitor, spokesman and a disseminator as he maintains personal contacts with others and by sharing stuff with them. (b) Vincent has approached towards Decisional role as he worked as a disturbance handler while gathering solutions for the problem and resource allocator while dividing the work in specialized groups and giving them tasks according to their nature of job. (c) Vincent played interpersonal role here as he worked as a figurehead while gathering everyone on same platform and then as a leader as he provoked his employees to focus on company’s commitments to provide better security updates to the customers. Q3. Go to Symantec’s Web site and look up information about the company.

What can you tell about its emphasis on customer service and innovation? In what ways does the organization support its employees in serving customers and in being innovative? Answer: Symantec was founded in 1982 by visionary computer scientists. The company has evolved to become one of the world’s largest software companies. They provide security, storage and systems management solutions to help their customers – from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organizations – to secure and manage their information-driven world against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently than any other company. Their EMPHASIS ON CUSTOMER SERVICE AND INNOVATION:

Their main perspective is to focus on Customer satisfaction and Innovation. They remain committed to provide better solutions and secure information management more completely and in much efficient and effective way. Organization supports there employs in number of ways. They have an entrepreneurial corporate culture that encourages innovation and empowers employees to respond quickly to strategic opportunities. They strive to support their employees in the use of their time, energy and financial resources to make their communities better places in which to live. CUSTOMER SERVICE:

Customer driven strategies are there main focusing points at any level of the organization from top to frontline. Both management and co-workers prioritize the fact that they have to provide best solutions for their customers. There vital work is governed and guided by a set of core values. Innovation Symantec’s strategy of open innovation focuses on delivering the best solutions to its customers –whether those solutions come as a result of building them internally, developing them with technology partners or acquiring them outright. Q4. What could other managers learn from the Vincent Weafer and Symantec’s approach? Answer: Following points can be learnt from Vincent and Symantec’s approach

1) Enhances teamwork, promoting honesty, a forthright approach, respect for the individual and reward for innovation and creativity.
2) Disturbance handling and problem solving with the best allocation of resources.
3) Creating Customer focusing strategies.
4) Time Management.
5) Monitoring and improving services.
6) Create Lasting Customer and Partner Loyalty.
7) How to work with diverse people.
8) Maintains efficiency

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