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Long Ridge Gliding Club Argumentative

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Long Ridge Gliding Club is a non-profit organization based on the crest of the ridge, which is at 400 meters above sea. That is on the set on an old farm building With simple but comfortable facilities for each member and casual flyers. There are currently 150 members from novice to expert. The club also offers trial flights to the members of the public and then try to convince them to take up the membership, which is also on first-served basis. They usually come for come for one-off trial flights, holiday courses and corporate events. To get into airborne club members have to help each other.

Club member sometimes to help casual flyers to get into airborne. The members would also help casual flyers attending. Throughout the whole year the essential task such as maintaining the gliders, getting them out of the hangars, towing them to launch points staffing the wings that are all on a voluntary basis by club members. Problem for the club is that a member are now asking to reduce the number of trial casual flyers can have in a day. Moreover, the club’s committee is under pressure from the members to end the casual flyers


Service evaluation

There are different services offered by the club to customer. Its mainly depend on their club member or a casual flyer. Club members can get many benefits on comparing to the casual flyers. Club members can get the benefits of bar catering service and accommodation while the casual flyers would be able to get the trial flight gift vouchers. It is the same with the product range club members get long term while the casual flyers get a short period. In a change of design and time it would also be in favour of club members during which casual flyers have to look for no of booking by the club member. Currently, there are 150 club members, and there were 700  casual fliers in the previous year out of which few have converted into club members .looking at the profit margin. Its high from member of the club that is and its comparing low from the casual flyers though have contributed 48% of the last year total sales revenue of the club (700*70)

Positive evaluation of the club
CLUB is located on an ideal place for gliding. It is simple but with a god comfort facilities. There is also bar and catering service and inexpensive bunkroom for the gliders who like to stay at night. Trial flight for public at very cheap price though it is a loss leads to generate club members

Negative evaluation of the club
Staffing is on of the main issue in the flying club Only six employees of the club perform most tаѕkѕ of the club. Kerp in mind that no club runѕ on it though its a nonprofit organisation. Unlike mаny lаrger orgаnizаtionѕ, This Club run on а comрlete volunteer bаѕiѕ Without the few dedicated individual offering their рerѕonаl time off the trаck аny organization like this, could not exiѕt. Often club oрerаtionѕ аre а behind the ѕceneѕ job аnd go unnoticed аnd un-thаnked by а mаjority of memberѕ. However, these рeoрle hаve ѕtruggled аnd molded their рerѕonаl liveѕ аround аttending club boаrd аnd аutocroѕѕ meetingѕ for no benefit but happy thаt club continue to exiѕt.

Throughout the year, it is a club member who helps the casual flyers to fly around. They also sometimes end up missing flying themselves.Another problem would be with the casual Casual flyers coming with much expectation end up in waiting for hours in windy airfield to get a chance to fly. So most casual flyers will be getting an inadequate service though their getting a fly at cheap price.So most casual flyers end up being not becoming the member of the club.The last year ticket sale is a proof of that out of 700 tickets sold only handful has become the member of the club

Service delivered to expected service

The cost involved running an organisation is very important.The expenses running an organization is also imperative in any aspect to make an organization success and move forward. It is the same with The club members, and casual flyers want to fly and use the facilities of the club with the operating cost of the club. It is a real fact From what price listed by long ridge gliding club. Depending an organization is another important aspect for to run it successfully.Is is evident that both the casual flyers and members have started loosing the faith of the clubs they started receiving a undependable service. Casual flyers have to be waiting even if its pre-booked and when there are not enough club members to get a glider into the air will be another reason for them to cancel the flying. Dependency of the club for the casual flyers are also quite clear also from a letter received to the club.

On the other hand, it is the same with club members. They do not get to fly sometimes and sometimes they just end up the day helping casual flyers that make members start loosing the faith on the club. Another important aspect of operation performance is that everything it should be flexible. Gliders have to be readily available for members. So they can fly when they like to do because that is why they are the members of the club that is not happening in this club. It is the same with casual flyers they just want to fly, enjoy and have fun after paying even though casual flyers are not regular. However, the club failed to reach the expectation of both club member and casual flyers. Quality of any product is a very important factor in every organization that is very important aspect from a customer side on choosing something. Here in the club the quality is related to something that is looked very carefully by the customers.

However, they are in this case service quality and safety of the glider. Quality for casual flyers is that they need the same service and quality which gets for the club members. They also want to have a gliding session without waiting They also don’t want to wait for a long time. It is also related to the safety of the gliders. The club also provides well-maintained winch and gliders machine for member and casual flyers. Nobody likes to wait for the service epically if he or she have paid for it. Flyers like casual flyers are here to have a good experience and fun. They expect to be faster service, but they end up in waiting, and it is same with the club members and they also need to wait for long sometimes. Moreover, the service for the casual flyers can fly only when members are free to help them fly while the members ends up busy helping casual flyers. Sometimes They do not get time to fly as well Recommendation to the chairman

*Staffing is an important issue to be solved. That can be, improved by increasing some ground staff. That can also be improved by paying the members who helps in ground operations. Sometimes casual flyers can also help in the ground operation instead of waiting for helping the gliders after all its a non-profit organisation so volunteer service is needed, and it would be making both the people happy *Increase the cost of casual flyers and provide better service rather than disappointing them by giving cheap ticket. Disappointing with a cheap service, and that will make them think about not to be a member after getting a bad service once * Rather than giving first come first service for the casual flyers who has prebooked, most preference could give to casual flyer who has booked in advance not to just turn up people and make them valued for prebooking the service or give a waiting time so they could wait at the club having refreshment and or help the flyers in field operation *Income from club members is more compared to casual flyers that ultimately is helping the club run.

So club member has to give some personal offer on their birthdays and some free flying which could be informed little early so when there is no enough club members to get the gliders into air for casual flyers they could be used their free flying voucher. Which would end up in a win-win situation rather than disappointing both casual flyers and club members * casual flyers also can be offered temporary club membership for a month which they could whole experience of being a member and being permanent later *Casual flyer contact details have to be taken give them regular updates about the club’s promotion and offers about being a member in the club *Infrastructure can be improved, and the booking system has to be more flexible and convenient for the both the casual flyers and the club members *Though accidents are rare impacts and the reputation it causes for the club are severe, so the safety has to be the most priority *Club fees also can be categorised different budget in different category to attract and every personality * Club can also start a simulator for that visitor or member who just like to come and have fun and go * Group booking could be encouraged and give an offer for more than ten people coming together

*Having an online website and page on social networking would be a great idea to attract the casual flyers and member to be connected with the club

To put in a nutshell al the five operation of operation performance have to be improved which would help in reduce the cost, increase dependably, reduce risk and inventories. All this issue could be improved along with taking the above measure. Which ultimately make the casual flyer and club member to be happy

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