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Landslide Limousine

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Landslide Limousine wants to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness through the performance management system that is available to them. The performance management plan can help identify and direct the needs, the wants, the obstacles, or the uppermost characteristics of any employee. According to Cascio (2013), one can think of performance management as a kind of compass, one that indicates a person’s actual direction as well as a person’s desired direction. The job of the manager is to point out where that person is now and to help focus attention and effort on the course that they want the employee directed towards. For that reason, performance management can help the evaluation of company performance and the performance of any employee. Alignment of the performance management framework to the organizational business strategy According to Cascio (2013), at a general level, the broad process of performance management requires that you do three things well: define performance, facilitate performance, and encourage performance.

So first, Landslide Limousine has to define performance. The company can set up goals in improving performance and assist giving direction to employees. When each goal set up, it should be specific and clear. So for Landslide Limousine, the company wants 5% revenue growth over a span of years. The company can indicate this point to the employees, thereby stressing that growth is the main objective of the company. Next, the company has to facilitate performance. Each manager should recognize the obstacles the employees might face and also provide appropriate resources to ensure good performance. Landslide Limousine can provide steady maintenance on each vehicle, something that is required not only to prevent accidents, but also to ensure that no employee is handicapped in their performance. Final performance management encourages employees to operate to the best of their ability.

The company rewards to employee for good performance.“To encourage performance, especially repeated good performance, it’s important to do three more things well: (1) provide a sufficient number of rewards that employees really value, (2) in a timely fashion, and (3) in a fair manner.” (Cascio, 2013, p.355). According to these rules, Landslide Limousine can make a framework to reward employees for their performance. Performance appraisal is also very important. It provides criteria judging good or bad performance and also provides a feedback process. According to Cascio (2013), the purposes of performance appraisal system are employment decision, employee feedback, criteria in test validation, objectives for training program, and diagnosis of organizational problems.

So Landslide Limousine can appraise employees on whether or not they are well trained or not, and reward or discipline employees on the basis of their decisions. Landslide Limousine can give feedback to employees who need personal or career development, thereby helping them on their way. Also, the landslide can ascertain and evaluate each employee’s skill set by criteria that involve test validation. And Landslide Limousine can help the developmental needs of each employee by establishing a training program. Landslide Limousine can judge who they will hire, who needs training, and who is an effective or ineffective employee. Organizational performance philosophy

The main philosophy of Landslide Limousine should be to maximize efficiency and the effectiveness of each employee’s performance; and furthermore to facilitate communication between the employees and their supervisors. According to University of California, Berkeley, employees at all levels are responsible for actively communicating with their supervisors about their performance, taking an active role in planning their development, being accountable for their actions, and continually striving for excellence in their performance. And supervisors are responsible for developing performance expectations with the participation of employees; communicating throughout the performance management cycle about employees’ goals, performance, and development; recognizing successful performance and coaching for improved performance; and ensuring that employees have the tools, resources, and training and development needed to carry out their duties successfully.

The job analysis you will complete to identify the skills needed by employees The performance appraisal system can be used to help identify the job skills required by employees. Landslide Limousine can use various appraisal systems like performance standards, sensitivity, acceptability, reliability, and practicality. According to a study by Arndt and Cherrington(2006), it sets out certain performance standards that are acceptable or unacceptable as far as employee behavior, according to Texas laws. It gives several examples, like on-time performance, safety, and excessive ride time. Sensitivity is the process that is designed to distinguish between effective and ineffective performers.

Reliability is the consistency of judgment according to the standards set out by the company. Practicality will imply that the appraisal system used is easy for both the managers and employees to fully understand and use. But, out of all of these, acceptability is the most important requirement. Human Resource programs must have the support of all that will be using these programs. If they don’t have that support/acceptability, then they will have many trying to work against what is set out as guidelines. By, following these requirements for a good appraisal system, Landslide Limousine can set up the job analysis process they need to identify the skills required by employees. Methods used for measuring the employee’s skills

For measuring the employee’s skills, the landslide limo company can use behavior-oriented rating methods and results-oriented rating method. Behavior-oriented rating methods focus on employee behaviors, either by comparing the performance of employees to that of other employees or by evaluating each employee in terms of performance standards without reference to others. In comparison, results-oriented rating methods place primary emphasis on what an employee produces; dollar volume of sales, number of units produced, and numbers of wins during a baseball season are examples. Management by objectives (MBO) and work planning and review use this results-oriented approach. To take a hypothetical example, Landslide Limousine can use results-oriented rating methods. They will then measure each employee’s contribution to the success of the organization. The management in this case will be the part of the company that is responsible for ensuring that this process is streamlined and effective. Process for addressing skill gaps

Landslide Limousine will have approximately four different classes of employees. They will need a manager, a driver, a call operator, and a maintenance service technician. We can use the work or service team method in the assessment of the team performance. By doing this, then Landslide Limousines can set up a service team table, and then the company can diminish the skill gap of each employee by using the team performance appraisal. Approach for delivering effective performance feedback

“Feedback, to be valuable, needs to be timely and specific.”(Yale.edu, 2010). To maximize performance, each manager has to communicate frequently before, during, and after giving performance feedback. According to Cascio (2013), before giving feedback, getting training in performance appraisal interviewing, planning to use a problem-solving approach rather than “tell-and-sell,” and encouraging subordinates to prepare for performance-feedback interviews, is important. Also, while giving feedback, each manager should be encouraging subordinates to participate by being specific, being an active listener, setting mutually agreeable goals for future improvements, avoiding destructive criticism, and judging performance and not personality and mannerisms. Lastly, after the feedback is communicated, each manager should periodically assess progress toward goals and make organizational rewards contingent on performance. If Landslide Limousine can provide these before, during, and after feedback activities, those activities can help better the performance of employees. Conclusion

Basically, good performance comes from a good performance management plan. Landslide Limousine wants 5% of the revenue growth for a couple of years. If Landslide Limousine can make frameworks that promote performance framework, organization strategies, and performance appraisal system, Landslide Limousine has a good chance at getting the revenue that the company expects.

Project performed in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.
Project Title: The Role of Private-for-Hire Vehicles in Texas Public Transit URL:http//tti.tamu.edu/documents/0-5545-1.pdf


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