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Jacob Rabonsik was a very hard workingman

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Kosher foods and goods on market stalls in the west end. He spent day in day out on his market stall selling his goods until one day he had enough money to buy a small shop only a few hundred yards away from where he used to trade. His store became very successful and what was once a market stall was now a growing empire of food stores. People liked and respected Jacob as he respected his customers and his staff. Jacob was a successful man, sincere and modest man, and soon enough he met the love of his life, a young Spanish woman who he met whilst on holiday with brother in law and family.

Her name was Sophia. Jacob and Sophia were the perfect couple and the romance never left their relationship. On their third wedding anniversary while at a dinner at one of Jacobs favourite Thai restaurants Sophia announced to Jacob that she was pregnant. Jacob then broke down in tears of joy and cuddled his wife with tears running from his eyes. Unknown to the couple Sophia had twins. They were named Abel and Cane. As the two grew older Jacob began to realise how different his two sons were.

Cane being the oldest by an hour, always wanted to please his Father and his teachers, he wanted to be good at everything he did, better than everyone else in fact. Even at the expense of him having no friends, He was very competitive in everything he done. His brother on the other hand was very easy going, clever without particularly trying to be and had the type of personality that could charm a bird from the tree it perches on. Everything came easy to him he could match any thing Cane could do with ease and without being competitive.

This didn’t do anything to endear Abel to Cane, but left Abel blissfully unaware of any bad feeling between from Cane. As time went by Cane became more eager to please his Father, as Cane grew more eager Abel became more comfortable about his place in the community and was seen as a likeable young man. When Jacob suggested that his twin sons join him in partnership in his empire, Cane grasped the chance with both hand sand worked hard to change policies to make staff in the shops work harder. This did not make him at all popular with his employees as the working day was made even more tedious by needless job monitoring.

As Abel had grown he began to drift further and further from his brother and although he loved him dearly he thought it would be best if they stayed apart. Soon Abel had ideas of his own, he wanted to set up a nightclub in Las Vegas along with a good friend he knew from school. Abel approached his Father with this idea, and his Father knowing that Abel was different all along agreed to give Abel his share of the business. Abel soon sold his share off. Soon the day had come and Jacob and Sophia said their goodbyes to Abel, and Cane had said a half-hearted goodbye but was left in charge at the main store.

Jacob’s last words to his much-loved son were “take care of yourself son, remember, there is always a bed for you here”. Time wore on and Abel was doing well his club was a new hot spot in Las Vegas, the money began to flow in, in bulk that Abel could never imagine. Abel’s natural charm made a hit with the punters and the locals. He worked hard and played hard at least that was at first. After a while he played hard and forgot about his partner, who he left with an impossible workload. Abel’s carefree personality had turned against him.

The thrill of gambling and women began to creep into his life in a big way. There was always a new woman on his arm. Always a poker game to look forward to and always the poker game he had to play to win his money back. Abel’s addictive nature had begun to get the better of him. First gambling and sex, then drink, soft drugs, and sooner rather than later the harder drugs. The money began to drain out of Abel’s bank account rapidly and as it did the women began to leave him laughing in his face.

His best friend was becoming more and more aware of the habits Abel had picked up. He soon to became fed up with Abel flittering away all of the profit so he said to him “we need to invest to grow, we can’t do this if you carry on like you are” Abel just laughed and replied “Your not my Father”. As he said this head sank as he knew his Father would be appalled and deeply upset with his behaviour. At that point his friend got up and left Abel. Abel had now become an embarrassment to be around and had no friends; even the enthusiasm in his charm had left him.

Abel tried to start again but the harder he tried the more in debt he became and the more in debt he became the more addicted he became. After several visits from the debt collector and several visits to the charity hospital due to overdue beatings, Abel was homeless Without money, without friends, family or anyone who cared about him. He knew that home was only a phone call away. But how could he, he had spent all of his money, his family would be ashamed of him, he was ashamed of himself, it would be better if he just disappeared.

As Abel drifted away from his family, letters became more and more infrequent and soon not at all. Jacob and Sophia became more and more distressed about Abel’s whereabouts. Soon Jacob decided to pay Abel a surprise visit at his work place in Las Vegas, so he got on a flight leaving his empire in the hands of his son Cane. He soon arrived in Las Vegas and knocked on the door of Abel’s address. But no reply. Jacob began to worry asking every one if they knew where he was. He put up posters contacted the police and hostels but nothing.

He became sick with worry about the possible state that Abel was in as he searched places in a state that he would never wish upon anyone. Abel had not disappeared he had telephoned his brother not knowing that his Father was looking for him. Abel was desperate and humbled. He begged Cane for some money to tide him over. Can e refused, lectured Abel on the trouble he had caused and told him he has had all the money he is going to get and that Jacob felt exactly the same way. He also told Abel that Jacob and Sophia had disowned Abel and wanted nothing more to do with him.

So with a broken heart and eyes full of tears Abel disappeared into the bowels of the Las Vegas homeless scene. Needless to say, Cane didn’t tell any one of the calls. On a particularly cold night Abel managed to stay off the meths so that he could spend the night at a homeless shelter. There he was given a change of clothes and a hot meal. He happened to see a notice board covered in photographs of missing people and the freshest looking photo on the board was a picture of him. At that point his heart was in his mouth and he shouted “I need a phone, that’s me that’s me, give me a phone”.

One of the helpers came over and gave him a phone. He then phoned the number that was on the poster, which was a solicitor phone number, telling Abel that there was enough money in his account now for a flight home as it was put there by a Jacob Rabosnik. Also was a letter begging for Abel to return home. Abel broke down in tears. He then jumped up and went straight to the airport and boarded the next plane home. Almost a day later he came to his house walked up to the front door where Cane his brother answered the door and said, “I thought I told you, Jacob is not interested in you any more”.

Abel replied “I thought you were my brother, and I thought you loved me why have you done this to me” At that point Jacob pulled up in his car and looked at Abel. Jacob hadn’t shaved and looked almost as bad as Abel. He ran to his son with tears in his eyes and said “my son you are home, where have you been my son” looking over his Father’s shoulder at a dismayed Cane he replies “I am here now Father, back home where I should be with my Father Mother ad my Brother”. Just then Sophia came running down the stairs, “What is all that, oh my lord your home”. Cane looked at his Brother and his parents crying and burst out into tears.

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