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A movie vs. book comparison of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

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Also in both, Cohabit loves psalms. He teaches the church’s choir and always sings psalms when he is scared to cheer him up. Cohabit is very bad at dancing in both versions of this tale. He flails around and Strain thinks he is odd. He stayed for a t©et–t©et in both versions. Although there are many similarities, there are many things totally different. In the movie, many aspects were changed from the original text. The book starts right off in the very beginning with the story of Cohabit Crane, but the movie tarts with some men of Tarrytown telling stories at a table.

There is a traveler there who is recording these stories to one day publish a book. Also, the movie starts with Cohabit strolling into Sleepy Hollow. He goes to Hans Van Ripper to ask for the teacher position but in the book he already has the position. Another difference is that Broom Bones looks very different from the description in the book. Yet another difference is that in the book the Hessian trooper that was the headless horseman, was hired by the British to fight. In the video, it says he as hired by the Dutch.

Also in the video, Broom Bones wants to take Strain to Ohio so he can start his own farm. I said he stayed for a t©et–t©et which was a similarity, but there was one difference. The video shows the conversation details but the book doesn’t get into this. Strain is mad that she thinks Cohabit really doesn’t care about her dreams and just wants her father’s money. There are even more differences. In the video, when the headless horseman hits the tree and gets knocked out, Cohabit goes and opens the coat to see who it was. When e opened it, he saw Broom Bones.

Then, a spirit or someone else comes along and throws a pumpkin at the ground. The next day, Cohabit is not to be found maneuvered. However, in the book some of these details are missing. Here, Cohabit just got chased in the woods and then the spirit disappears. The final difference in the video is the ending. The text just leaves it that Cohabit can’t be found and they think he was carried off by the headless horseman. In the video, they go back to the scene of the men of Tarrytown telling stories to the traveler and then hey start telling another tale, and that ends it.

Overall, I like both the text and the book of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. One thing though, was it was hard to go through the text because there is so many sensory details, it is almost hard to get them all. Other than that, I liked the text. The video was very good too. I loved how it filled in some holes, and made it a little more interesting. Cohabit was sort of annoying in the video though, with his voice and strange ways. Still, I enjoyed both of them!

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