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Issue Of Cyber Bullying

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Computer Safety

When you think of computer safety I’m sure your thoughts go to everything other than what I’m about to cover. Cyber bullying is a major issue with the access of electronics. Often teenagers in middles school or even high experience cyber bullying and let’s not forget celebrities or other influencers.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying, a big part of computer safety many may forget. What is cyber bullying? Is posting or sharing bad or incorrect information about someone on purpose causing them hurt or embarrassment. This can take place through text messages, email, or social media such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Its possible that people could even be cyber bullying by accident, it could be that a joke in a text was taken the wrong way or the tone of voice could be preserved as something else through text. Spreading rumors is another mechanism that people may forget about cyber bullying. Unlike the bullying people may experience at school that is over once they go home, it never is over for cyber bullying because there is twenty-four-hour access. I bet you’re wondering how to know if your family, friends, or children may be getting cyber bullied. If they appear to be nervous when they’re using their electronics, doesn’t want to use it anymore, or seems withdrawn from family and friends. To prevent this from happening to you take time to think about photos before you post them or send them out, if its something you’d be embarrassed if your family sent it then you should probably keep it to yourself. If you’re young it could affect you once you’re older and try to get jobs or even scholarships for school. Make sure you keep your password confidential, a lot of times when yore younger you trust your friends and others to have your password but that isn’t the best idea. When you have social media accounts you should make them private so that only a few people can see what you post if you cannot trust them or you don’t know them then they shouldn’t be able to view your content. Also educate yourself on cyber bullying and discuss with others how they prevent it.

Cyber Stalking

Cyber stalking another thing you should be aware of to be safe while using the computer it is also very familiar to cyber bullying. Cyber stalking is when someone is using the internet and electronic devices to stalk and harass people. There are multiple ways you can be cyber stalked, there could be threats, identity theft, and even solicitation for sex. People may do this because they feel as if it gives them control and makes the victim feel uneasy. Anyone that has an electronic can cyber stalk you; it could be a stranger, criminal or family member. Here are some ways to know you are being cyber stalked: If one sends you messages that are inappropriate or that makes you uncomfortable, you could possibly even bump into them when you’re out and it might happen continuously. To avoid this happening to you be sure that your location is cut off on all of your cellular devices. If you have children and they have cell phones then be aware of the apps they download because often they could get your location, for example the Pokémon Go game situation. One thing you might not think of is when you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend is to change your passwords, so they are unable to get into your information or give it out. Often times your family might post you and post information that shouldn’t be shared so be aware of what others are putting out about you as well. In this day in age everything is on the internet so never feel like you’re obligated to put your personal information online

Computer safety is very important especially since everything is online this day in age. Now one thing that students, parents, and people with jobs, almost basically everyone use are flash drives. When using one, malicious ware can get on the drive and once you hook it to yours it passes on infections on your PC. The malicious ware can steal your data or ruin information. Hard drives make it easier for people you know or people at your home to steal your information. Here are a few things to look for when using your hard drive: more than one pop up folder, a removeable disk icon, unrelated opening options pop up or it may even open up another window once you insert it. Its also very possible that if you keep your flash drive on your key chain then someone could steal it off of there or it could possibly break off.

Virtual Privacy Network

What is VPN? Virtual Private Network is a security method used to security and privacy to public and private internet uses. Doctors, lawyers. Store owners, and others with very confidential information uses a virtual private network to keep others information secure. A virtual privacy network protects the entire web session by encrypting. VPN also allows you to have access to uncensored things on the internet and makes them secure. VPN is also known for how well it protects a person’s identity and the address from being tracked. I know you’re probably eager and wanting to get this as soon as possible, here is how to get VPN on your cellular device; first you would go to your settings, next select more under wireless and networks and select VPN, once you’ve done all of that click the + sign then save. You can also go into the google apps or apple store to download VPN onto your device.

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