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Introduction to Psychology Nature and Nurture

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Psychology is a beautiful thing. Psychology is a study of how the human mind works and how does certain things effects the body. Psychology have many different concepts it comes with areas of human development, sports, health, clinical and social behavior. Do you ever feel why you feel the way you do? Do you ever wonder how your uniqueness mind ever functions similarly to other things. Psychology is the reason behind all this. We will be discussing three main topics in psychology. Those three topics includes nature vs nature, introversion and extroversion and unconditional positive regard.

Many people have a debate on whether nature or nurture matters more. Nature and nurture have two different meaning when it comes to life. Questions has been made whether if heredity or the environment impacts human psychological development. What I mean by this is that the habits, behaviors of a human and their intelligence are affected either by the characteristics genetically(heredity) or the environment. Humans have wondered what determined a person’s behavior and actions. I believe that a person’s behavior and personality is a form of both nature and nurture. Nurture comes to play when a child is first born. We are not born to know everything already. Interactions and learning experiences shape us as people. The nature aspect of things comes to play when determining personalities and traits from our DNA. Nature, is the genes that we are born with makes us who we are and for nurture its the things we learn over the time that builds us. 

For example, there’s a guy name Jeffrey Dahmer, he was trouble kid as his family broke apart (Paoletti, G. (2018, May 04). His parents divorced and he became very violent (Paoletti, G. (2018, May 04).He committed crimes after crimes after crimes (Paoletti, G. (2018, May 04). He have a case of deviancy, which is behaviors that violates the normality socially (Paoletti, G. (2018, May 04). On the nature side, its a connection between genetics and some behaviors. On the nurture sides there are so many psychological case studies that show how a broken home and troubled childhood connects in the way a person acts. In this case both nurture and nature is behind the truth of human behavior. Nature and nurture balance each other out. A person can be born with a certain diagnosis but the way they’re raise they can become totally different.

There are two main things that helps up identify a person’s personality type. Those two things are introversion and extroversion. Carl Jung is the creator of the terms “introverted” and “extroverted”in the 1920s (Bennington-Castro). Sometimes people shows both traits of being a introvert and extrovert. A introvert is a person who is seen mainly alone. They like to be in quiet place and not really social. In contrast an extrovert is a person who is more of a social butterfly. They are more enthusiastic, talkative and they love being around others. Those who are introverts and extroverts have a huge personality difference. Introverts love having their own personal space and don’t really like when people invades their space. On the other hand extroverts are more into socializing and they’re very welcoming. 

A relationship between introverts and extroverts rather its dating wise or a friendship can be bad or a good thing. For example, I’m more of an extrovert and I date someone who is more of an introvert. We bump heads sometimes because I am a social butterfly and always enthusiastic and he’s more laid back but we really do balance each other out. For me being with a introvert it has calmed down my impulsive side and for him to date an extrovert it helped him communicate more, tend to open up a little more and become more outgoing. Being two different types of personalities helped me develop into learning to compromise. Theres a saying that says, “iron sharpens iron”, this means one person sharpens another. I believe that introverts and extrovert sharpens each other and helped them grow on two different levels.

Carl Rogers have used a term called unconditional positive regard. Unconditional positive regards is showing generousness regardless no matter what a person say or do. Being able to support and accept is the main key things. As a person with unconditional positive regard I think its very important. I am very warm and accepting to others for who they are without judging. For example, parenting should be one of the cases where you show unconditional love and unconditional positive regards. If you made a mistake everything was ok because they accepted you regardless of how you behaved. As you been to grow up trying new things and discovering who you are having someone there giving you unconditional positive regard was one of those important things you needed. These main topics in psychology interested me the most.         


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