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Intentional Termination of Pregnancy

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Abortion is the intentional termination of pregnancy after conception. It allows women to put an end to their pregnancies but it involves killing the undeveloped embryo or foetus. The debate about abortion has been going for years. Arguments against abortion or pro-life argues that it is wrong to do abortion, since it kills the unborn baby, making this immoral and if the child is unwanted it should then give it up for adoption. Also abortion can lead to medical complications later in life. Arguments for abortion or pro-choice argues that it is a woman’s right to choose what to do with the embryo since it still not a person yet. Continuing pregnancy for the unwanted child could ruin the woman’s life psychologically. Also it could ruin a pregnant teenager’s future.

It is simply immoral to have an abortion. Since life begins at conception, abortion is akin to murder as it is the act of taking human life. Abortion is in direct defiance of the sanctity for human life. Taking one’s life even if they aren’t born is just wrong. No civilised society will permit one human to intentionally harm or take the life of another human without punishment and abortion is no different. Although pro-life argues using these fact pro-choice argues against this.

It’s not really a person yet. It is dependant on the mother, also it has no conscious so you really can’t call it a person. Although it still is developing into a person/human. The most appropriate question should be when does life begin. A fetus may be alive but so are sperms and eggs. It’s true that life in every form should be respected. However, should the right of a fetus be greater than that of a woman who in majority of the cases would bear the responsibility of the unplanned child? Nothing good would come out for her, she just has no choice but to take responsibility of an unwanted child. What if that child that unwanted child came from rape or incest? She would have no choice but to take the responsibility of an unwanted child.

If the conception happened to come from rape or incest, aborting the embryo is like punishing the unborn child for no fault of his/her, in this case it is just wrong. The better alternative would be that the woman could give it up for adoption. Even if she wasn’t ready to look after a child she can still give it up for adoption. There are many families ready to adopt an unwanted child to their family to look after. In this way, the child wouldn’t be harmed nor would the woman have to look after the unwanted child.

Women who have conception from rape or incest can psychologically be harmed due having a reminder for more than 9 months that a terrible issue happened to them. If they continued their pregnancy it could be traumatic for the woman. Forcing her to bear the added responsibility of the child she conceived through the unfortunate act would only add to her mental stress. Also the child may not come out normal if the women is not mentally well she may do things intentionally or unintentionally that may harm the baby and this can result to an abnormal children. Without abortion a woman can have a psychological trauma having the abortion can lead to medical complications.

Abortion can result in medical complications later in life. The risk of ectopic pregnancies doubles, the chances of miscarriages and pelvic inflammatory diseases also increases. Also abortion can frequently cause intense psychological pain and stress. But without abortion it can ruin a pregnant teenagers’ life socially and could end up with a grim future.

Lastly it can ruin a pregnant teenager’s life. An adolescent is neither mentally nor physically ready to continue a pregnancy. Besides health related complications, a minor mother isn’t psychologically ready to handle the responsibilities of a child. With a child to support, teenagers are most likely to drop out of school. They instead start working in order to fend for their child. This certainly shows a grim future for teenage mothers.

Basically, arguments for abortion say that it wouldn’t matter much if the fetus is killed since its not a person yet and the right of a fetus shouldn’t be greater than a woman’s right .Without abortion the mother could be psychologically harmed. Also that a pregnant teenager is not mentally nor physically ready to continue pregnancy therefore people should have the right to have abortion. Arguments against abortion argue that it is immoral to kill an unborn child, instead of killing the unwanted child women should just instead give it up for adoption. Also abortion could lead to medical complications in later life. Although I think abortion is completely wrong and immoral. There could be some exceptions such as if the unborn child will turn out to be physically or mentally handicapped. Also abortion could happen to preserve the woman from serious danger to her life. I mean no child wants to be motherless.

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