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Individual, Organizational Transformation Q & A

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1. Characterize the roles of incentives, training, and education in promoting innovation in your organization? I work in the hospital sector and this sector we find that innovation in hospital are the best tool to account for the difference and be the number one with respect to the competition. To achieve this objective, all employees should receive training commensurate with their work to give good service to users, also must be prepared to take at certain times, important decisions and autonomous, ie not be seeking approval from managers. This autonomy will allow such processes become faster and more efficient because there is a time savings that will encourage the user to save the life of a person, but also to the company because saving time is represented in monetary gain . The recognition that can be obtained by the patients is very important both for the company and for the employees and bosses, because this kind of recognition brings tangible rewards that are given to the employee of the, bonds internally in the company, but the most important of all is to see that thanks to a good job patients always get a big smile on his face and pride himself in knowing that the work was fulfilled.

2. Role of leadership in creating, managing, and sustaining innovation in your organization? The first thing to understand is the difference between a regular employee and a leader, to become leader should be trained and should be an example for the people who work and those who make up your team, so the qualities that are looked for in a leader by employees are to be efficient, safe, consistent, capable of taking decisions and that is always at the right time with the solution to the problem. On the other hand the leader must always be open to give the necessary support and show employees that their leader cares for them and for the welfare of each. Being a leader is not easy and is not for everyone, it is an art in which to manage people in the right way and making difficult decisions. A leader must inspire confidence, because that way your employees will always give the best of each and every win so it will be reflected in the good production of the company by giving a successful economic future that will benefit each and every one of components of the enterprise.

3. Ethical implications of an individual reward system.

From my point of view the system rewards can be positive to motivate employees, but also may be less, because employees can limit their work according to the bounty they’re getting, ie we may consider this as a conditioning operational type. We can find different types of employees, including those who by nature are lazy and definitely not want to work and could only be motivated by a type of uncommitted, but this does not assure them do their job in the most appropriate and honest, they are people that does not have many aspirations and for them the most reward is to have their work and receive their salary, these people are not very good for a company, we could say that they are limiting in the company. But as usual exercises such rewards are positive, this means that employees who are naturally creative magnets are attracted to be part of the company and make those who already are interested in remaining part of the company. This obviously has many benefits for the company because people are always going to give the best of each. This work is part of a very important department is to Human Resources and the person carrying out this study is honest enough to take the most appropriate decisions.

4. Describe your organization as innovative or non innovative. The company I work for the organization I can qualify as a very innovative because it all work as a group to develop and effectively implement all the tools to achieve the objectives proposed in the enterprise. In it from the owner to the lowest ranking employee works as if the company is on them to achieve goals. New ideas always have the door open to be executed, an assessment is obviously the same, but at the same time also means that there are always new ideas to run risks, an open mind is an important factor for innovative companies , and that is found in the company in which I work. The atmosphere is very good labor which gives us the ability to express our ideas, the meetings are very pleasant which makes creativity of each flow naturally. So for all is very easy to understand and put into practice the mission and vision of the company, and achieve goals.

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