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Illustrated Man Notes

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  • Category: Marriage

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The Parents of two children decide to shut off the automated nursery, against the childrens wishes. When the nursery is shut off, and the children go into a fit of rage, they are allowed to play in there one last time only to lock their parents in so the loins can eat the them.

The parents of Wendy and Peter. They are concerned about the childrens dependability on the automated house, especially the nursery.

Lydia and George Hadley – Distressed parents of Wendy and Peter Peter and Wendy Hadley – Spoiled children of Lydia and George David McClean – a friend of the Hadley parents who happens to be a psychologist

Third person POV

Setting – In the Happy-life Home, an automated house in the future.

Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man, “Kaleidoscope”

The crew of a rocket that has exploded are thrown into space; all going seperate directions. Hollis wishes he could have one last influence before he burns up in the atmosphere of Earth; where a boy see’s a shooting star (Hollis) and makes a wish.

Hollis, a crew member of the rocket who copes with his fat-approaching death.

Hollis – Astronaut thrown out of the exploding rocket
Woode – Astronaut thrown out of the exploding rocket
Barkley – Astronaut thrown out of the exploding rocket
Captain – Astronaut thrown out of the exploding rocket
Lespere – Astronaut thrown out of the exploding rocket
Stimson – Astronaut thrown out of the exploding rocket
Stone – Astronaut thrown out of the exploding rocket
Applegate – Astronaut thrown out of the exploding rocket
Boy – See’s Hollis’ body entering the atmosphere, and, thinking it was a shooting star, makes a wish Mother of Boy – Tells son to make a wish

Third person POV

Setting – In space, heading towards planet Earth

Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man, “The Other Foot”

A colony of black people on Mars are visited by a white man from Earth. Humankind have destroyed themselves with atomic bombs and now seek help from the blacks; willing to suffer any injustice that they deserve.

Willie Johnson, who sets out for revenge on the white man because of his parents murders.

Willie Johnson – A Martian settler who wants to lynch the white man for revenge Hattie Johnson
– Willie Johnson’s wife
The unnamed Johnson children who’ve never seen a white man Mr. and Mrs. Brown
– The Johnson’s neighbors who aren’t looking to lynch the white man
The Mayor – Tries to calm the mob down
Old Man – Speaks for the first group of white settlers to arrive on Mars

Third person POV

Setting – On Mars, in a black colony, that has been settled 20 years prior to the story

Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man, “Marionettes, Inc.”

Braling orders a Marionette, a robot look-alike of himself, to replace him while he goes to Rio without his wife. The robot begins to become self-aware and develops feelings for Bralings wife, then the marionette locks the real Braling away; effectively replacing him as husband.

Braling, who, unhappy with his marriage, wants to go to Rio by himself.

Braling – husband of ten years who does not love his wife
Smith – Braling’s friend who is also tired of his marriage Nettie – Smith’s loving wife
Braling 2 – used by Braling when he wants to get away, a robot

Third person POV

Setting – Smith’s house and Bralings house, sometime in the future

Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man, “The Last Night of the World”

All over town people are having the same dream about the end of the world. A married couple feels at peace about the end of the world and goes about their usual nighttime activities, kissing each other goodnight before bed.

A married couple who calmly accept the destruction of earth

Husband – feels at peace about the last night on earth
Wife – feels at peace about the last night on earth
Stan – husbands co-worker

Third Person POV

Setting – 1969, U.S.A.

Ray Bradbury, The Illustrated Man, “The Highway”

While Hernando is waiting for the rain to stop so he can plow he notices that something strange is happening on the highway. A young man stops with five women after car troubles and tells Hernando of the atomic war; Hernando wonders what world is coming to an end.

Hernando, who encounters travelers who tell him it’s the end of the world.

Hernando – poor farmer in a country south of the United States Hernando’s wife – curious of her husband’s thoughts
Young Man – asks for water after car overheats
Five women passengers

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