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Iceland Is an Enchanting Island

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Have you ever wondered about Iceland . You might have thought that it’s a country or a state but it’s really a island. Iceland is like very far from where I am today. Iceland has many cool facts about the place if you have never been there then you should pack your bags and go, the reason why is because it has many cool features one of the reasons is they have the northern light which are really cool during the night.

First, Iceland has varied climate at different times like seasons and months (according to brinnartica). Iceland, is a very cool country that is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Their type of climate is mostly varied but Iceland does have types of temperatures like in july the temperature in the southern part of the island is 10-13 °C ( 50-13 °C). Also warm summer day’s can reach up to 20-25 °C (68–77 °F). The highest temperature recorded in Iceland was 30.5 °C (86.9 °F) at the Eastern fjords.The most rain they really get is 50mm. Iceland also has a concentrated tourist season peaking from mid June all the way through August. 7,500 percent of iceland is covered by glaciers, 1,900 are covered by lakes and 41,500 is covered by lava, sands, and other wastelands.

Next, For Iceland their government they all have the legislative,Judicial,and Executive Branch. Also they have their own government. Iceland became fully independent in 1944.The power of the President is similar to those who of others head of state in Western European Democracies. Also their real power rest with the 63 meter-member parliament. Also one of the oldest legislative assemblies in the entire world. It is unimerical legislative in which all the members serve four-year terms unless parliament is also dissolved and new elections are called. And the executive branch is headed by a cabinet that also that must maintain the majority support in the parliamentary system or at least most likely avoid censure. Unless it must resign. And last citizens are also guaranteed the civil rights in Western democracies. Also their local government in Iceland is chiefly responsible for primary education,municipal services. And it is also the administration of primary programs. The country is also divided in 17 provinces also further subdivided fewer further 100 municipalities.

Then, Iceland has a strong economy. So Iceland’s economy is also based heavily on fishing and the production of broad variety of fish products. Also it includes manufacturing and services. Most of the majority occupations in 1991 were  also agriculture and fishing processing. The main industries were building, commerce, transportation and communications finance and insurance. Iceland’s economic freedom score is 77.1 making its economy is the 11th in the 2019 index. It is also the overall score that has increased by an 0.1 point point. Also it increases in scores for government integrity. One other thing is that is is also a fiscal health and labor freedom.

Finally, Iceland has a diverse culture. People that live in Iceland are not all the same race there are many different types of culture/race types. Also Icelandic character reflects both on its culture life. Icelander´s even celebrate some holidays that the USA has. Or they have some of their own holidays. Some examples of their holidays is Bunny day and Bursting Day Iceland Traditions.From food to fun, Icelandic holiday traditions. Also they do the history and folklore of the country to. Many of the country’s holidays center on the joys of food and feasting and even overindulging in treats. Also traditions are related to the religious rituals of Lent and Christmas, while one major holiday celebrates Iceland’s independence from the former monarchy.( According to Jean Asta).

As you can see I have wrote about Iceland. Iceland has many different varieties of culture not just one race color. Their government has Judicial the judicial branch, legislative branch.Also executive branch.Also Iceland has a strong Economy. And last their climate varies a lot during the seasons.

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