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Human Relations

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Human Relations can be defined as the term which “covers all types of interactions among people- their conflict, co-operate efforts and group relationship. It is the study of why our beliefs, attitudes and behavior sometimes cause relationship problem in our personal lives and work related situation”. (Communication for Management, class notes, 2012) Effective human relations have an influence on our work by creating a good atmosphere, the climate of cooperation and trust promotes productive workers. Moreover the main factors in effective human relations in organisations are communication, self-acceptance, self-disclosure, self-awareness, motivation, and trust. The importance of these will be discussed below. Communication

John Diekmau said that “if we are going to do anything constructive and helping with one another it must be through our communication”. (Communication for Management, class notes, 2012)It is very true, communication really is important in all aspects of our life, whether in private, family life or in professional life. Each person tries to communicate in a way that represents their own communication style. Knowing your own style you recognise yourself better and you become more aware of its use. Communication style can be defined as “the impression that others form about us are based on what they observe us saying and doing .They have no way of knowing our innermost thoughts and feelings, so they make decision about us based on what they see and hear” (Communication for Management ,class notes, 2012) Knowing your preferences, what style you use and understanding the style of other people, becomes a key aspect in effective communication. Each manager should understand their employees and try to take their needs into account. This gives you many benefits that manifest themselves in improving relations in working with others and understanding the different ways people do things, because people’s nature, differs from person to person.

Managers should have this in mind and be skillful when they deliver power to the individual employees of what is needed from them for the good functioning of the environment and communication between each other. Showing this attitude certainly will enforce the position of the team leader. “Jung observes that people tend to fall into one of several behaviour patterns when relating to the world around them .He describes four behaviours styles like: intuitor, thinker, feeler, and sensor.” (Communication for Management, class notes, 2012)The success, which people achieve in every area of life, depends to a large extent on the skills of communication. As long as others share our views or think like us, communication seems easy. However, if the other party has different views, then success will depend on what level of communication knowledge we have. Communication is a complicated and complex process. It requires a conscious effort to ensure the message is sent correctly and that the recipient understands it. The utterances of the words are complimented by different gestures and behaviors, for better understanding of a message. Good knowledge of the principles of correct communication fosters success in solving problems and in effective human relations in organisations. Another important aspect in Human Relation is self-acceptance. Self –acceptance

Every man wishes to be accepted by the other. This explains, of course, the professional life; we spend half of our lives at work. If in work we are accepted life is much easier and enjoyable. We have greater motivation and we work more efficiently. Very often the person finds it easier to achieve their objectives; if they are well-liked because of their attitudes, behavior and acceptance of self. Acceptance of our self, our faults can be used to advantage this is the basis of successful relationships. It is Important to be aware that nobody is perfect and everyone has the right to make mistakes. People who live in harmony with themselves find it much easier to show enthusiasm and a positive attitude to life, this of course builds friendship between them .By nature people do not like others who are contentious, judged and criticise each other. Such behavior at work can have a harmful impact on the building of positive relationship with employees.

It is important to not constantly complain about new tasks and not to approach them with pessimism, because people do not like to be demotivated. People are always more attractive others when they infect their optimism and enthusiasm to perform different tasks. However, it is very easy to lose your own personality, if we’re going to try to please others forgetting what is important for you. People can then use this against us, at a later stage, and we ourselves can lose respect for each other, as we tried to win their sympathies. Only healthy assertiveness helps build relationships based on responsibility and respect. You should work with the team to achieve success. However you should maintain your own personality, even if you have a shy nature it is important to let your views be know. How self -disclosure refers to the use of effective Human Relations in organisation is discussed below. Self disclosure

“Self-disclosure is the processes of letting another person know what you think, feel or want. It is one of the important ways you to let yourself be know by others. The primary goal of self –disclosure is to build strong and healthy interpersonal relationship “(Communication for Management, class notes, 2012) Sometimes excessive openness may lead to rejection by the other person, the loss of personal independence and many other negative effects. Always be aware especially in work of the rules and standards in force in the organisation. This works both ways, because we do not like our colleagues to show private feelings early on in a working relationship, which annoying to us, do not concern us, this can lead to distrust between co -workers, and generally speaking is not ethical. Of course there are benefits of self –disclosure as well ,which have an influence on communication – because nobody is a mind reader so it is important to send proper messages to others to be understood, sometimes what is important to us, can be unimportant to others .Self disclosure can reduce stress. Sidney Toward said “that too much emphasis on privacy and concealment of feelings creates stress within an individual.

To the exert that person can share with others their inner thoughts and feelings they experience less stress”. (Communication for Management, class notes, 2012) Other aspects of positive ways of self –disclosure are increased self-awareness and build stronger relationships. Looking at the Johari Window; which classified the process of self-disclosure, in four main categories such as: open area, blind area, unknown area and blind area. The first panel is the open window -it has everything that we know about you and also what others know about you. This is the information which we openly and consciously, donate to the world.

The second panel is a blind window that has what you know about yourself, but others do not know, because for various reasons you do not want to openly communicate to them. It increases with the level of trust in the other person. In the third window, which is called unknown area-is what we discover about ourselves in new, often extreme situations. There are things which we do not know about others, can be things which you do not expect to know. The blind window shows information that others know about us but we are not aware of. People can see us differently than we see ourselves. Understanding these panes makes us close to others and brings self-understanding. The Next aspect of effective Human Relations is self-awareness. Self –awareness

Self-awareness can be defined “as the ability to recognise and understand your moods, emotions and drivers, as well as their effect on others. Is the foundation on which self-development is built .To plan an effective change in yourself you must be in touch with how you behave and how your behaviour affects others.”(Communication for Management, class notes, 2012) It is always important to understand ourselves and what gives us well results in relations with others .Without self-awareness, you cannot talk about the same things, we are unable to control our emotions and therefore can have no control on others. It is good to do some work on this factor in order to create good relationships in organisations, because we cannot afford in appropriate behavior that is not acceptable and which we do not understand. Very often it helps us to understand others people when we are self-aware.

This enables us to understand others feelings and emotions, and places us in position to offer advice if necessary. Self-awareness affects skills which help you to look at yourself and analysis others. Sometimes you need to look at yourself from a different perspective and see both the positive and negative view. It certainly is helpful for our relationship with co-workers. Goldman says „intelligence stands for only about twenty per cent of person’s success in life .The rest; he says you can credit to emotional intelligence”. (Communication for Management, class notes, 2012) To better understand the power of process of self awareness, sometimes we can answer a few questions like; what do I feel? Why I feel like that? How can I look differently on this situation? What benefits are coming from that situation? And as well what can I learn from this situation? There are helpful for better understanding all relations and as well improve our self – awareness The next part of Human Relations in organisation setting is motivation.

Motivation is one of the basic functions of management. It can be defined „as the drivers that move us to do what we do. It is an internal drive that encourages us to achieve a particular goal.” It is a hard and complex process, because we are motivated by different things for some it can be money, for another person can be rewards for work and so on. Usually motivation has two forms like internal and external. The internal part comes from satisfaction from work and generally is more important to us, because it is hard to work without happiness in what we are doing. This has to be balanced with external factors which represent rewards and material sector. The results depend on the, abilities and skills which are supported by appropriate motivation. Drive is very important when we talk about effective work, people always work better if they are appropriately stimulated by motivation using the reward system. Nevertheless there a negative aspect of motivation as well; sometimes we want so much to achieve something that we become paralyses internally by fear and this causes excessive emotional pressure.

It is worth to mentioning that Maslow believes that only by fulfilling the needs at the lower level, can we satisfy every need for the higher level. Once the lower level of satisfaction is reached a person wishes to move up higher to achieve better things. In this way all the time, we have different needs to meet. He describes the needs in hierarchy for food and thirst, shelter, love and belongings, self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-actualization. We can conclude that effective human relations in organisation are mostly dependent on the communication skills. They are keys to all ‘doors ‘.Good relations with colleagues and managers are very often dependent on communication skills. The quality of communication has impact on motivation employees as well .Their happiness from work, involvement and energy what means effectiveness at work .Of course people react on the atmosphere and climate at work. Skills, knowledge, personality, professed values ​​of all of this happen to be the style of communication. A good climate at work helps people to be more creative, opened and innovative. There is always room to improve our relationships in the workplace.


Faherty-Cheevers, R., 2012 Communication for Management, Class Notes

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