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Force and Initial Velocity

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1. A car speeds up from 40 km/h to 55 km/h to overtake a truck. If this requires 15 s, what is the (a) acceleration and (b) distance traveled by the car?

2. Albert is riding his scooter at a velocity of 80 km/h when he sees an old woman crossing the road 45 m away. He immediately steps hard on the brakes to get the maximum acceleration of 7.5 m/square second. how far will he go before stopping? Will he hit the old woman?

3. the time a male bungee jumper if freely falling is 1.5 seconds (a) What is the velocity of the jumper at the end of 1.5 s?
(b) how high did he fall?

4. A juggler tosses three balls alternately vertically upward. each ball has an initial velocity of 5 m/s. (a) how high does each ball rise ? (b) How long will it take each ball to be caught by the juggler at the same level at they were release? (c) What is the velocity of each ball after 1 s?

5. A long jumper leaves the Ground at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal and at a speed of 6 m/s (a) How high did he jump? (b) How long did it take before he landed on the ground? (c) how far did he jump?


1. A 3/.5 kg papaya is pushed across a table. If the acceleration of the papaya is 2.2 m/square second to the left, what is the force exerted on the papaya?

2. A constant net force of 200 N is exerted to accelerate cart from rest to a velocity of 40 m/s in 10 s. What is the mass of the cart.

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