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Exploring The Meaning Of Your Dreams

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I have an occurring dream that all my teeth fall out. I tend to have these dreams when I am under lots of stress. I had another dream about my teeth falling out which I think is due to the fact that I have lots of big test coming up at school and I am under a lot of stress about that. My dream gets pretty strange so beware!

My dream always starts off the same way. Its around 6pm because the sun is just starting to set and the sky is always pink and orange. I am walking down a really steep hill in a city, it looks like San Francisco and all the stores are closed so there is only the light of the sun which is going down so it keeps getting darker and darker. In my dream I am running down the never ending hill with my hand over my mouth because I feel like my teeth are going to fall out any second. I try to run faster and faster to get to the bottom of the hill but it never ends. Every step I take it feels like my teeth are getting looser and looser.

I keep running faster and faster trying to get to the bottom of the hill because in my dream I feel like if I run to the bottom of the hill fast enough my teeth wont fall out and Ill be totally fine! All of a sudden I look down and I see one of my teeth fall onto the pavement! I start screaming and running even faster but all of my teeth start falling out of my mouth onto the street. Before my final front tooth breaks off I always wake up!

Analysis of dream:

Psychoanalytical view:

After doing some research on dreams about teeth falling out I found out that they are very common dreams and can be due to anxiety or stress in ones life. There can be Positive Interpretations of these types of dreams as well as negative. Despite its link to nightmares and bad dreams, the scenario of someone’s teeth falling out in a dream can have positive meanings. Some websites suggested that this dream could mean “Giving birth to something new in your life, becoming more aware of what you truly need to nurture yourself and fulfilling your ambition and desires”. On the other hand there are negative meanings associated with this type of dream such as insecurity, feeling of loss or frustration about decisions you’ve made.

Biological view:

The biological way to explain the type of dream I experience would be due to stress in my life triggering my unconscious mind to come up with this type of dream. A thought that might have stimulated and then led to this particular dream may have been my stress about my upcoming tests and projects.

I agree with psychologists from the cognitive perspective who believe dream analysis provides important information processing, help us make needed changes in our life, and even suggests solutions to real-life problems. Although this particular dream does not increase my self-understanding or insight into my life I have had dreams that do provide information for my life.

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