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Parenting Styles Essays

The Impact of Parenting Styles on Human Development

Every text has a context and the human life and psyche with manifest behaviors is no different.  Parenting styles is but one factor in a myriad of facets impacting and influencing lifespan development. The nurturing relationship of maternal and paternal parenting styles influences creativity, self-concept, self-actualization, identity and future parenting …

Parenting Styles Across Two Cultures

Introduction             There are cultural and ethnic variations that produce value systems which essentially direct parents’ manner and styles of parenting. Within authoritarian parenting styles, Chinese and European American families are premised from different sets of beliefs. With this specific root of family training, variations of effects are also seen. …

Business Psychology: Different Parenting Styles

This research investigated the affect parenting styles have on a person’s performance in the workplace. Parenting styles play a major role in a child’s future performance. How parents raise their kids affects the kids for the rest of their lives. As with any aspect of psychology there is no right …

Parenting Styles

Before one even decides to become a parent, the question of “Will I be a good parent?” sinks in. There is no concrete definition of “good” parenting, as this is entirely subjective and depends on the religious, ethnic, cultural, and societal values to which the parent adheres. What is clear …

Academic Motivation: Mediating Variable between Parenting Style

In childhood development, the most influential social unit is the family, specifically the parents. Parents are the primary persons who are responsible to teach good values and behaviour in children. Parents have different methods on how to transmit their values, skills, behaviour, and attitudes to their children. Most parents want …

Effect of parenting style on the academic development of children

Parents according to Longman Dictionary of contemporary English imply the father or mother of a person. It also went on to disclose its view on parenting as the skill or activity of looking after your own children. Davies (2000) opined that parenting (or child rearing is the process of promoting …

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