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Engage Your Healthy Lifestyle That is Based on Nutritional Foods or Diets

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What the Health as a documentary highlights the benefits that may exist in maintaining an exclusively vegetarian diet. It also highlights the risk that comes with engaging in fatty and sugary diets because of the associated risks that come with the nature of dietary diseases and lifestyle complications. The characters in the documentary testify that they have gained tremendous health benefits by maintaining an exclusive diet on vegetarian foods for the two weeks preceding the commencement of the show or program. This implies that the characters agreed that a vegetarian diet is helpful and good to the health of people.

I was particularly impressed by the flow of sequence and patterns of facts. From the onset, the music seemed to blend with the subject matter that was being discussed or focused upon. I also liked that the critical information that the researcher or characters presented were in line with the popular conventions. For instance, it has been widely acclaimed by different schools of thought and researchers that poor diet may lead to lifestyle diseases. However, the documentary, What the Health was thorough to widen the scope of the research process and include the facts in a seamless manner. I was also informed that a purely vegetarian diet that is low on sugar and fat would benefit my metabolism and digestion system.

Going forward, I would consider including or incorporating greens and vegetables into my daily diet. This would be in with the ideas and concepts that have been raised forth in the documentary. Food, Inc. as a documentary also outlines that the corporate entities have hijacked the food process production chain and as a conscious person I cannot surrender my health to them. As such, Food, Inc provides important pointers to help me make choices on the diet and nutrition as needed. This piece of information has enabled me to relook the position of food and nutrition on the health of people. I have come to realize and appreciate that there are risks other than biological reasons that may lead to the advent of diseases, that food and nutrition is could also be a culprit.

From now on, I will put keen emphasis and attention to type, amount or quantity and quality of food that I intake especially the processed foods. Food, Inc. suggests that the corporate entities and firms have commercial interests over health implication of the consumers. Knowing this information, I would recognize that food and nutrition could be used as disease prevention, mechanisms or tools that would be used to enhance the welfare and level of life of people. Basically, food and nutrition form a basic foundation in determining the nature and level of lifestyle that a person may experience. This information would benefit the obese and heavy or reckless consumers of fatty and sugary foods. In the conventional modern society, there are many people who do not pay attention to the type, quantity or quality of food that they eat. In the end, they would either gain weight or acquire lifestyle diseases that may have an adverse impact on their lives.

On the wider spectrum and scale, it is important to outline that this information would be directed towards the general audience of the society because the insights that it fronts are society friendly. The research for this information has been supported by empirical data and personal testimonies of the characters who have affirmed the benefits of a vegetarian diet. The empirical literature has been used to ensure that the information that is put forth certifies the principle of reliability and validity. Accordingly, this documentary is timeless because it addresses a present phenomenon that has continued to trouble and affect the bulk of the human society. Issues of health are timeless because lifestyle diseases have continued to occupy a critical part of the human life. In this regard, the information and insights presented in the documentary What The Health and Food, Inc. are categorical, timeless and proper.

I also came to find out that some of the claims that were shared in the documentary What The Health may pass through as overly exaggerated claims of false pronouncements that would need further elaboration and authentication. However, others were accurate representations of fact. For instance, the documentary made a claim that huge resources are spent towards helping towards cure or maintaining of ailments such as heart diseases or diabetes. Empirical data and fact have shown that most people have lost their lives and source of livelihoods in the process of seeking cure or maintenance if these lifestyle diseases. As such, the documentary was thorough and comprehensive to outline this fact as claimed in the documentary.

Secondly, the documentary suggested that diabetes cannot be exclusively brought about if a person consumes a high amount of sugar or carbohydrate. Empirical science has dictated over the years that diabetes, by definition, arises when there is an insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas of the human body. This may be hereditary or associated with dietary weaknesses. This is a true claim that is backed by science and the documentary has been keen to present it as a testament of fact. Further, diabetes arises when there is the insufficient production of insulin which may lead to the blood level to rise thereby leading to prospects of macro and/or microvascular damages.

On the contrary, there are claims that have been made in the documentary and would pass as controversial opinions that are false and scientifically inaccurate. For instance, the characters in the documentary What the Health have put forth the reasoning that if a person eats dead meat toxic or poisonous bacteria, their arteries would harden or stiffen within minutes of such an occurrence. In all aspects and fairness, this is an inaccurate representation of reality because there are limited data and information to support the same. To this day, there is no reliable and verifiable statistic that have come forth to confirm that this allegation and claim is true. As such, I would consider this an opinion and not that of reality and fact. Unrelatedly, the music in the background seemed to have been carefully and meticulously placed to further the theme of the documentary or movie.

I intend to use these insights in my future lifestyle by being conscious and alert or aware of the food that I would eat. Also, I would like to encourage the same benefits and advantages of a healthy lifestyle for the future generations. Health is the biggest profit or reward that a person should maintain and as such, I would use the new information and knowledge that I have viewed in this documentary to become more nutritional and dietary conscious. In this regard, I would use my knowledge to inform other people the risks and dangers of engaging in a high carbohydrate, fat or sugar diets. In as much as it may come off as a popular or trendy lifestyle, some of these foods do not merit or have the necessary dietary nutrients. As such, I would be willing to advice fellow young people on the need to be tolerant and aware on the food that they consume.

The above arguments have outlined the need to engage in a healthy lifestyle that is based on nutritional foods or diets. The documentaries What the Health and Food, Inc have been the baseline for analysis that has provided critical insights and information regarding the position and place of healthy foods. The characters in the movie have been through to outline and focus on the modalities of a healthy diet and the accompanying benefits that it can bring to a human life. However, some of their claims and assertions have been low on fact. As such, the points that have come off as weak have been backed by fact. Regardless, I have gained outstanding knowledge from the insights that have been canvassed by the documentaries. The information was direct that a high-end carbohydrate or sugar diets would lead to adverse health repercussions to the life of the people. On the other hand, a vegetarian diet would advance the health status of a person and expose him or her to a better lifestyle devoid of diseases such as obesity, diabetes amongst other. Based on the insights and information that this documentary has, I would readily recommend it to my friends, family members and young people who may be reckless about their diet. I would recommend it to them so that they come to appreciate the position of diet and food in their lives.

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