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Emily Jane Bronte

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Emily Jane Bronte was a well-known author, born in Yorkshire, England, born on July 30, 1818. Emily lived with her father, Patrick Bronte; brother Branwell Bronte and her sisters, Charlotte, Maria, Elizabeth and Anne Bronte. The Bronte family was well known for writing poetry and soon became good at it. Emily Bronte wrote in the romanticism movement. Romanticism is the arts and literature that originated in the 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual. Emily Bronte most famous work was Wuthering Heights.

It is distinguished from all comments and its unusual structure. Emily Bronte grew up without a mother in her life. Her mother died on September 15, 1821, from cancer. When Emily was 6 years old when she was sent to the school of Clergy Daughters with her sisters. Maria and Elizabeth and caught hold of the deadly disease Tuberculosis . Both Elizabeth and Maria soon later died. The three remaining sisters and their brother Patrick Branwell were thereafter educated at home by their father and aunt Elizabeth Branwell their mother’s sister. The Bronte siblings started to write poems and fictions at home.

One of the fictional works produced by the Bronte siblings was Branwell’s The Life of Alexander Percy, which tells the story of how he and his wife have such a complete love and understanding for one another that eventually, their love becomes self-destructive. Patrick’s story was to become the inspiration for Wuthering Heights. In Emily’s later life she became an educator in September 1838. Emily began to have interactions with supernatural things and began to express her feelings through poetry. Emily and her sisters soon realized they were writing poetry and published a few with fake names, but did not attract any attention.

Emily’s most compatible novel was Wuthering Heights that was published in 1847. It is a story of love and revenge involving a character named Heathcliff, who was abandoned by his parents as an infant, and his effect on two neighboring families. At first, the novel gave off a negative vibe but soon became the greatest novel of all times. Literary Analysis “It’s natural to be afraid of what we don’t know. The problem with death is that nobody is here to tell us what it is like” (“How do people face death? ”) By death being a universal occurrence, it makes it a common theme of literacy.

“Death, that struck me when I was most confiding,” The line that opens the poem of one of the Bronte sisters who were a family of authors during the nineteenth century in the United Kingdom. Particularly, this line belongs to the third eldest child of the of the family of six, Emily. This poem is Death by Emily Bronte written in 1846 during the romantic period of literacy. The poem talks about the presence of death in the speaker’s life, and the negative impact that it created over her perspective of things she enjoys which is nature.

Throughout the text, metaphors, imagery, symbolism, and diction are used to develop a major idea of the poem being the stages of mourning. In the poem, Emily uses seasons to create metaphors. The seasons are being compared to the side of effects of a dramatic tragedy. The storyline of the poem shows the speaker as being in a happy state, as seen in the first couple of stanza and death making the beauty of nature lessen as seen in the concluding stanzas. For example,” Flowered forever Life’s restoring tide, “(Death) then “No! the morning sunshine mocks my anguish. ” (10) The poem initially takes place in spring time.

This is told by lines like, “Leaves, upon Time’s branch, were growing brightly,” (5) or “Spring adorned the beauty – burdened spray. ” (30) The poet ties springtime with positivity and pleasure of looking at the nature that comes along with it. Whereas, winter and fall is represented by death, grief and sadness that is brought on by “Cruel Death”. This idea is expressed with “Hope was there, and laughed me out of sadness; Whispering, ” Winter will not linger long! ” The apparent season change and use of these metaphors are to show how the speaker’s emotions change throughout the text.

Imagery is used to give emotions to words and to establish tone and mood that helps with the understanding of the reader. This text uses a create deal of imagery that appeal appeals to one of the senses. to promote mental pictures for the reader. The writer depicts the season of spring with notable elements of nature mentioning blooming flowers and beautiful surroundings. The speaker states “Lavished glory on that second May! ” (Death)

This is because May is a month in spring. The author also does the same thing with death by stating lines such as “For the vacant nest and silent song,” (26) and “Death!that struck when I was most confiding. ” (1) Both these lines allow the reader to mentally visualize death, the speaker paints the picture of eternity by saying “Thus, at least, its mouldering corpse will nourish That from which it sprung. ” (59-60) In sum, it is saying after one dies they achieve everlasting life. The author uses symbolism to make relatable connections for the reader. Winter is a symbol for death. The season represented sorrow and despair. The use of winter to show obsolete things and the dead is a common writing tool. This same tool is used twice with the expression of spring and winter.

Spring being the symbol of happiness. It is used in other writings to show birth and new things. (The place of time) Time is also a symbol used in the poem to represent life. For example, “Strike again, Time’s withered branch dividing” (3), and “Leaves, upon Time’s branch, were growing brightly. ” (5) These lines show time represented as something more than the common definition. It can be inferred to be life from using the context clues. When discussing diction, one can divide its definition into four-parts word choice, author’s style and narrator tone, abstraction and formality.

(“What is diction, and how do I take a quote and analyze its diction to see if it supports or develops a theme”) As it relates to the vocabulary the author uses, the writer adds variety to eliminate the redundancy of repeating the word death. For example, the author said phrases like “sorrow passed” (9) and “Winter will not linger long! ” (16) Emily’s created a narrator tone that is bittersweet and dark. Her word choice such as “Cruel Death” and “For the vacant and silent song” (14) conveyed this message. The poet uses abstraction by giving concrete adjectives like “full of sap, and full of silver dew,” (6) or “the golden blossom.

” (9) Overall, the style of the author is complex. She uses sophisticated and syntax words throughout the length of the poem. Reflection During the life of Emily Bronte,she was faced with many obstacles. From losing her mother to having to practically take care of her uncaring father, the Bronte sisters lives have been sentimentalized, their psyches psychoanalyzed, and their home life demonized. In truth, their lives and home were strange and often unhappy(OVERVIEW OF EMILY BRONTE). All in all she made a contribution of her poem Death to symbolize the battles in her life.

The poem was written in the romanticism time period which was a time period where writers wrote more on self reflection than society. She used death to symbolize realadale connections to her by using seasons to create metaphors of tragedy. The reflection of this poem showed a good impact of society in the late 1800 and early 1900s. “The Little White Hearse” by Emily Wheeler Wilcox is a very relatable poem to “Death”. Both poems express similar themes to express the characteristics of the poems. In the poems the authors uses symbolism,imagery, and diction to reveal the theme of the text.

The poems provide the reader with characteristics of facing death. Although both poems express the same values of the upbringing of death both poems convey a different style of expressing it. Wheeler’s approach was more eye catching with using lots of imagery to express the cause of death in her poem. Bronte used more of a dramatic style to appeal the cause of death. The poem “Death” by Emily Bronte can be compared to the movie, The Notebook. The movie is about a couple that falls apart for a numerous of years and their love for eachother dies.

During the movie, the woman falls in love with another man and almost gets married to him till she just so happen was reading a newspaper and noticed her old lover had rebuild a house they once had dreams about being in. The couple soon fell back in love but experienced difficulties when the woman experiences alzheimer’s. In comparison, both the poem and the movie experience death occurrences from either expressing it through seasons or years. The poem showed the author being in a happy state and death being a natural state and ripping that away from her.

Unlike the poem, the movie expressed this theme by showing the relationship of the characters,then by ripping them away from each other. The poem expressed Bronte’s hardships that she faced in life with a death occurrence while the movies expressed more of a natural being of death of a couple. The work of Emily Bronte is still relevant to present day. During her lifetime Emily was the most skilled out of the Bronte sisters. She was rewarded for her writing contribution in “Wuthering Heights”. The literacy work was very famous and became very well-known in the 1900s.

Her writings are still being used in British literary and being analyzed by high schoolers around the world being taught British Literature. The content of the poem is relevant to one’s battling the natural cause of death or the hardships in life. The information shows readers that no matter the hardship one’s is facing death can contribute by natural state or a recurrence of something new. The overall value of her poem did not lose any meaning of time but help others be more comfortable with the dramatic style Bronte conveyed.

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