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Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion

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Eliza Doolittle is a main character in the play Pygmalion. She is a poor girl from the streets of London who turns out to be a brilliant and beautiful young woman. Eliza Doolittle uses her skillful thinking to pretend to whine and moan to make people believe or help her in different ways. She is very ambitious seeing as she will suffer to lessons with the rude Henry Higgins to become a lady in a flower shop. Pygmalion is a play written by George Bernard Shaw. Eliza Doolittle does not seem to have a lot of hope for the future .She gets the help of the rude Henry Higgins who is a linguist and helps her improve her English skills. Eliza Doolittle is a strong, intelligent, beautiful young woman with worthwhile goals in life. Eliza Doolittle is a hardworking person. She works as a flower girl in the streets until she finds out about this man named Higgins who is a professional linguist.

She bravely went to his house and asks for his lessons to learn English Language. They make a deal. Eliza will be living with Higgins and Pickering, his friend, for six months of learning the English Language. On the next day, Higgins demands so many things from her, she practices the right pronunciation of the alphabets and tries very hard to accomplish it and does not give up. Her hardworking personality is shown when she said… Pickering: “Oh, that’s only his way, you know. He does not mean it.” Eliza Doolittle: “Oh, I did not mean it either, when I was a flower girl. It was only my way. But you see I did it; and that’s what makes the difference after all.”(Act five, 94) She is a smart person. Eliza Doolittle does learn everything Higgins teaches her. She is good at following commands that is why she is now as good as a Duchess when she speaks. She achieves her dream because of her own courage, hard work and believes in herself.

Eliza Doolittle is a strong person in many ways. She has a great work ethic. She also stands up to Higgins when it is necessary. It happens when Eliza Doolittle is so upset when she finds out about his bet with Pickering. She throws slippers at him because Higgins and Pickering are getting a little carried away with their experiment. Her strong personality is shown when she said… Higgins: “You won my bet! You!
Presumptuous insect! I won it. What did you throw those slippers at me for?” Eliza Doolittle: “Because I wanted to smash your face. I would like to kill you, you selfish brute. Why did not you leave e where you picked me out of- in the gutter? You thank God it is all over, and that now you can throw me back again there, do you?”(Act four, 76) She is frustrated that he has ignored how hard she tries to please him. Also because Higgins has turned her into a duchess instead of a lady in a flower shop. By then Eliza Doolittle is gotten over all the things that makes her upset. Now her grammar is correct and moves with poise and confidence.

Eliza Doolittle is shown to be an attractive person. She is around eighteen to twenty, hardly older. She is cleaner than what she can afford to be, but compared to the ladies she is very dirty especially to the upper class people. Before she becomes a duchess, she was just a common flower girl in the streets of London. She wears mostly ragged and cheap clothing because she cannot afford it. She experience being a duchess for six months with Pickering and Higgins when she is still learning the English language. Eliza Doolittle realizes how her physical looks is far different before and then. Lower class people could not even tell if she is Eliza Doolittle the flower girl or a different person because of

how beautifully she speaks and how beautiful she is. Her attractive personality is shown when the author said…. Author: “They stop talking to look at her, admiring… on their chairs to see.” (Act three, 71) She is described as a beautiful young lady. In fact every men is into her except Eliza knows her worth and she knows who is the right guy for her and it is Freddy the man that he marries in the end of the play. Eliza Doolittle is a woman with a beautiful outside and inside personality. Everybody could change their physical appearance, but the only thing they could not change about you is your inner self, who you truly are. Eliza Doolittle is transformed from a poor flower girl into a sophisticated young woman.

By the help of Higgins and Pickering and especially herself who has help her become for what she is now. Eliza Doolittle is very responsible and independent person. Despite of her social status she manages to bring up herself and get out of her old life. She is a well-mannered person also a girl with a good inside and out personality. She does her best in anything because she believes in herself and wishes that her dream to be a lady in a flower shop will come true someday. Eliza Doolittle is the evidence that everybody can learn and bring up herself to a better person in life by having hope in themselves and courage that they can do it. Everything is possible in this world if you have faith in yourself.

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