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Effective Police Supervision

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The recently adopted community oriented policing philosophy should be viewed by all police officers as a legal, legislative as well as administrative material. Such a perspective makes the work of the police easy, efficient ,effective and manageable. In addition any police officer worth his salt should see the philosophy as something that facilitates the work of the police officers. Any negligence or refusal to abide by the philosophy will be tantamount to breaking the Canon Police Ethics which act as facilitators of the whole work of policemen as well as policewomen. (Waite, 1995, p.10)

            Basing from what the main function of the police force is the community oriented policing philosophy that has been adopted is flexible, adaptable and fit enough to deal with crime. (Waite, 1995, p.115) If it is properly followed, law and order will always be maintained. The philosophy has come in good time to facilitate the work of supervising, which is a management task. It has not taken a place of unnecessary as well as stupid risks. It is what has been waited for to come and rescue the heavy work of the senior management, middle management as well as lower management of the police force. (Waite, 1995, p.115)

            The philosophy will always ensure community policing that effectively and efficiently serves in the neighborhoods. If effectiveness in the police services is always there then the police officers get motivated. Motivation at work is a prerequisite for success. As such when the junior police officers are successful, it will always mean the whole police force is successful. (Kadushin, 1992, p.47)

            Just like the Canon Police Ethics do not allow the officers on duty to take bribes. The philosophy aims at easy access for any reliable information an officer may need to perform his work. (Sharpe, 1995, p.84) It facilitates the whole work of investigation, and it is flexible enough to accommodate any possible changes that may come. (Sharpe, 1995, p.85)

            The philosophy also is educative. It aims at helping officers develop as well as grow intellectually. It also ensures more discipline, which is an essential element of police supervision. (Waite, 1995, p.36)

            Community policing has to put in consideration the importance of privacy, and this philosophy is flexible enough to ensure that privacy is maintained. In a word the philosophy is a valuable asset which should be properly guided and protected by any police officer.

            It is normally a serious case for any police officer not to take care of what they talk while on duty (Kadushin, 1992, p.108). This means it is a serious offence to engage in careless talk on sexual matters. Unless police officers who like this behaviour take care, then they would better quit their job. The police force is made of both male as well as female police officers, unless the male officers learn how to talk using their brains; they will be suspended from their work for sometime as a punishment of their unbecoming behaviour. This means male officers should know always what they say or talk whether in the presence of the female officers or not. (Kadushin, 1992, p.110)

            Such a case does not mean that the police force does not respect individual as well as personal differences, what it means is that police officers should learn to remain disciplined at all times. But the supervisors handle have a right to deal such a case in a way to solve problems though constructive conflict.

            Police officers should not see the way such incidents are handled and think that their supervisors do not give them freedom of expression. It should be noted that any form of freedom has its limits. Man is said that was born free but there are chains all over him. So the officers concerned or who may be found breaking the regulations as well as rules while on duty will always be punished severely in order to act as an example for others who have such behaviors.  (Sharpe, 1995, p.256)

            Good and disciplined police officers should always have the spirit of team work, which tend to maximize group process. Engaging in idle talks, rumor-mongering or such related cases will always bring divisions, and will not motivate those who are subject of bad conversations, especially when they over hear what is being talked. So it is important that all police officers know the importance of team spirit. Team spirit also tends to effectively promote interpersonal communications (Waite, 1995, p.77).

            Some officers are good but the degrees of goodness tend to differ from one police officer to another. Even when such officers have good leadership abilities but their weaknesses become always a problem at work. It is possible one of such officers is rude as well as sarcastic about any new policy changes, orders or directives. He may also be the most productive officer and he is someone whom other officers respect his leadership abilities.

            The best way to handle such a person is to praise his good qualifies both in private and public places. Also should always call him aside and point out his weaknesses in privacy. In the process of handling his weaknesses you should point out his most serious weaknesses which need immediate changes, before pointing out the other minor weaknesses. The whole process should be handled carefully and sensitively since it s very delicate (Waite, 1995, p.87).

            The aim of working out such a move is to ensure that the whole police force moves towards a better direction. It also injects better interpersonal relationships among police officers. It eases problem solving and community policing; and it is one of the moves which can result to effective crime fighting.

            Any police force should have good relationship between it and the public. This is usually taken care of by the community policing. It ensures that the work of police investigation goes on smoothly, without any major obstacles. If community policing is in harmony then the whole police force is in harmony. It normally links all the administrative as well as management channels into one. Apart from ensuring safety, accountability and transparency, it also safeguards all the interests of police force. It ensures security in the sense that it takes care of all matters that deal with safety measures at work and those of the community around it. It ensures accountability in that it gives room for dialogue incase of any possible disputes. It ensures transparency in the sense that it seeks to unveil any hidden information through investigation. It safeguards the interests of the police force in that the police force is allowed to carry out its duties, roles without any interference.

There is no better way of fighting crime if everyone is not involved, so the community policing has come at the time when we so much need it. The philosophy has been properly tested and it is said to work better and effectively in combating crime. Smooth as well as efficient socialization with the community is also properly taken care of. (Kadushin, 1992, p.240)


The community is viewed as a product and the police force is the provider of the service. There is nothing so important in the police force than this relationship. All police officers should be supervisors over themselves. When this is done then the work of sergeants as well as other senior officers will be easier. There should be no cases of misconduct. If they arise serious displinary action will always be taken. No officer should break the canon police ethics which are meant to help in the smooth running of the whole police force.

The legislations of the country are flexible and straight forward about the roles of the police officers. Everything has been taken care of, and so any officer must behave accordingly .There should be no reports of careless shootings or drinking beer while on duty. Such cases will be dealt with severely.

The philosophy on community policing ensures that all matters pertaining the police force are properly taken care of. So all officers are required to always know what to do and what not to do. They should do the right thing all the time. Because thyere should be no worry on what is necessary and right. Generally a police officer should always be a police officer worth his salt.


Kandushin, A, (1992): Supervision in Social Work; Columbia University Press. New York.

Sherpe, M (1995); The Third Eye; Supervision of Analytic Groups; Routledge. London

Waite, D (1995); Rethinking Instructional Supervision: Notes on its language and culture. Falmor Press. Washington, DC

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