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Dove Brand Analysis

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The dove brand started in 1957 by taking a bar of soap to a whole new level by adding mild cleansers and ¼ moisturizing cream. Dove’s soap left skin not only clean but nourished witch quickly became a favorite and even became dermatologists number one recommended brand. Today Dove offers a wide variety of beauty products from hair products to moisturizers, facial products and many more. Dove has always believed and advertised that real women all shapes and sizes are the true inspiration of the brand as a whole. (unilever) Traits often used to describe dove are natural, beauty, clean, soft, beautiful, diversity, acceptance, comfort, among many others. This is not hard to believe considering the most recent campaigns Dove released like “Real Beauty”. The campaigns give women the courage to accept and appreciate all body types, skin imperfections and colors. The message gives women the power to be confident in themselves and the ability to see beauty in others. Over the years Dove continues to release campaigns to help motivate women of all ages to find self-esteem. (Dove)

Dove may be one of many companies that are providing similar products and aiming for the same end result of beauty and comfort but the brand is one of a kind when it comes to core values. Dove has provided not only a healthy image for women of all ages to perceive but also goes the extra mile in providing mentors for young girls in need of confidence coaching, they donate large sums of money yearly into research to establish productive ways to help women understand the differences. Dove has recently gone to a new extreme in advertising to portray how magazine/television advertisements are used and manipulated to give false realizations of how ours bodies should look. Dove always emphasizes beauty in all ads, campaigns and product design. Dove has given women a new sense of confidence and with the powerful ads Dove has sparked emotions and helped women find a reason to love themselves and to be comfortable in their body and proud of the traits that set them apart from the rest.

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