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Dogs-Man’s Best Friend

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Dogs have always been mans best friend and there are many reasons that this is true. Dogs are always loyal, offering unconditional love and protection. They make our lives healthier by convincing us to stay active, because they are always willing to play. Its even proven that owning a pet, whether its a dog or cat can actually lower your blood pressure by keeping you calmer and happier. They can always manage to put a smile on your face, no matter what mood youre in. The best things dogs have done for mankind is becoming a Guide or Seeing-Eye dog, Canine Companion, and Search and Rescue dog.

Seeing-Eye dogs are the eyes of blind people. They have to train from the time they are puppies and before they go to live with a blind person, they are trained for at least a month with them. It is very difficult to train seeing-eye dogs. They must be good in everything they do. Many blind people want to get seeing-eye-dogs, but the demand for them is greater than the supply. Seeing-eye dogs must keep their masters safe. It is more important for seeing-eye-dogs to work than to play. The most common choices for seeing-eye dogs are German Shepherds, Labradors, Labradoodles, and Poodles.

Canine companions are dogs that help people with physical disabilities. They are trained to answer the telephone, open doors, and pick up anything their owner drops from the remote to a pencil. Some are used as therapy dogs and taken into the hospital to help put a smile on someones face. A few are trained to tell their owner when the phone is ringing for if they are deaf and unable to hear it. Others can be trained to sense when their owner is about to have a seizure so that they can get to a safe place and not hurt themselves. Canine companions can do many things for many different people depending on their disability.

Search and Rescue dogs are everywhere. They work on the police force to help bring down crime, they work in natural disasters to help find people after an earthquake or avalanche and they even helped us during the war to find bombs. With a dogs amazing sense of smell, nothing gets past them. They can smell the drugs being smuggled onto a plane and a human buried five feet under snow with no trace that they were ever there. Bloodhounds are a popular scent hound chose to sniff out drugs and find people lost in the woods. Newfoundlands and Labrador Retrievers are the most common choice when it comes to finding someone buried in the snow or rescuing someone out in the water.

In conclusion, dogs have been there for us and helped us to save many lives throughout the world. They comfort us when we are in need and are smart enough to help us with things around the house. Even being able to tell if we might have something wrong with us, dogs can somehow sense it. They say both dogs and babies are very sensitive, they can pick up on every emotion youre feeling from being mad to happy. Babies cry when they know something is wrong with you, but dogs just want to be next to you, licking your face, and making you feel better. Dogs truly are mans best friend.

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