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Dog Fighting Argumentative

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Have you ever been hit or forced to fight when you don’t want to? If this has not happened to you then think about how you would feel if someone forced you to fight someone else. You would probably feel pretty terrible, getting hurt just because this person wants you to fight someone all for their entertainment. This is what some cruel humans do to animals like dogs usually pit bulls. Dog fighting is wrong and cruel because the animals get badly hurt and could possibly die, all for human’s entertainment and money.

In these fights the only people that are benefited are the dog fighters some examples of that are in Urban Dog Fighters Tough to Track. In this article it says, “The bet might be $100 or a pack of cigarettes.” The owner of the winning dog gets paid in some way. This is one example of how only the dog fighters are benefitted. It also says “Pit bull with fresh gashes to the head, throat or legs, wounds consist with dog fighting. A tangle of scars on the same body parts indicates ancient battles.” The pit bulls that fight in these battles actually get hurt and that these fights leave scars. The only thing that happens to the dogs that have to fight is get hurt.

Lastly in this article it says “Street fighters also abuse their pit bulls to make them aggressive towards both people and other dogs, Ferris said. And that makes them dangerous for neighbors and animal control officers who have to handle abandoned or seized pit bulls, which are flooding shelters, crowding out other, adoptable breeds.” The owners of these pit bulls abuse them to make them aggressive and a threat to the community. So now the pit bull fighters aren’t just hurting them, they are purposely trying to make them aggressive so they can come hurt us, so these fights also affect us humans. These are some ways only the dog fighters get benefitted even if it is the least bit.

When the dog fighters make their dogs fight they really don’t care about what happens to their dogs as long as they end up feeling great because they won. In the article, In a Land Scarred by Violence it says “In some countries dog fighters fight their dogs to death” The dog fighters don’t care about their animals. They don’t care whether they get hurt or not because they will make them keep fighting until the point that they just can’t keep going and they die. It also says “They will boast about this. They will say fighting is in their blood.

And for all the horrors of three decades of war, they will still find room to fight for fun.” The dog fighters think it is great to have one of their dogs beat another and they will brag about it as well, because it enjoys them to make their dogs fight. Finally in this article it says “‘If my dog beats another dog, it makes me feel like I’ve won $100,000. I can survive just from the happiness’” Meaning that the dog fighters actually get happy because their dog beat another one. Here you can say that the dog fighters can be very selfish and they don’t really think about whether the dog fighting is good for their dogs or not (which it is not).

A lot of dogs that are made to fight in these battles suffer from the pain and have to live in fear of humans. In the article Saving Michael Vick’s Dogs it says “We knew that dogs that didn’t fight were beaten, shot, hanged, electrocuted, or drowned.” This article is talking about a specific person Michael Vick, Michael killed the dogs that didn’t want to fight for him. Next it says “All that the dogs seemed to know about people was that they were to be feared.” The dogs had gone through so much and had only seen the bad that humans could do, they didn’t think humans were capable of good which is why they’re afraid. Lastly in this article it says “Yes, there are pit bulls who have fought, attacked and mauled other animals and people. And incidents almost always have been traced to negligent or abusive owners, he said.” This states that the reason that some dogs of this species have been violent to other people and dogs is because they had been treated badly so they show that same behavior to humans and other dogs. Some pit bulls are very aggressive but it’s because (thanks to the dog fighters) that’s all they know.

In this you’ve learned about the many ways that pit bulls have been badly affected by dog fighting. Some dogs have been badly scarred mentally and physically. In dog fighting dogs don’t get anything good out of it but the dog fighters do, and barely, because the dog fighters are also putting themselves in risk, dog fighting is illegal. Yet they do it because it enjoys them to win they don’t care whether their dogs get hurt or not. Many people have mistaken that all pit bulls are vicious because there have been cases where a human has been severely hurt by a pit bulls attack, but it’s really the dog fighters fault. Most cases have lead back negligent or abusive owners. The dog fighters purposely train their dogs to be mean to other dogs and people. They abuse them so all they know is violence. It is actually pretty sad that some people don’t know why some pit bulls are the way they are because all they know is violence so they are going to be violent. These are some reasons of why dog fighting is wrong.

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