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Cyber Bullying Virus

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Rhetorical analysis


While the video is well direct and effective in providing the message it is meant to. The video doesn’t seem like enough effort was put into making an irrefutably credible product. The first glaring error comes towards the end of the public service Announcement, where stats are mentioning how much more girls are bullied in comparison to boys, as well as how likely a victim is to be subject to reoccurrence. Understandably so, the authors do have an obvious stance against bullying. Which to some way take away from the credibility. The resolution to the issue does not come across as a viable solution. The narrator only advises the reader to participate “Pink Shirt Day” to show support to victims and vaguely mentions how bullying should be “reported”. A link between cyberbullying and a virus is portrayed. The use of scientific vocabulary (“contagious,” “host,” “infection” “) makes it easier for one to take the video more seriously.


Throughout the video, the author’s intention to persuade the viewer using emotional appeal becomes more apparent. Pathos is easily the greatest strength of the authors attempt to persuade young girls to take action against cyberbullying. Scenes show how the peers infected by the virus are ridiculing the victim through multiple social media platforms. This could be the Daniel Frasers attempt to encourage empathy for Jane Doe. The mentioning of how “no one is immune” works to make every member of the audience feel in some way linked to the issue.

The music in the background complements the different sections almost perfectly. As the narrator is describing the issue and the effects that can be experienced, the music seems perilous, almost mirroring a soundtrack heard in a horror film. In the climax of “Cyber Bullying Virus,” the music is more dramatic and accompanied by a heart beating at an increasing rate. This helps to portray the victim’s plight as a grave situation that, without intervention, is doomed to make a turn for the worst. When describing the provided resolution.


The viewer may notice rather a weak demonstration of the logical rhetorical appeal logo.’ The video does attempt to show stats as mentioned above, but due to the lack of citing, the factuality of these claims is immediately put into question. Also, missing citations are the symptoms that the video claims cyberbullying may cause. The lack of real-life examples or personal testimony instantly takes the message less logical. This may be intended to make the production appeal more to conscience and emotion# rather than logic or reasoning.

Work sited

  1. Daniel Fraser (9 March 2013) >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmQ8nM7b6XQ/
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