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Curleys Wife Info

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She went to Riverside dance palace with an actor, the man said he would put her in movies, because she was a natural and write to her when he got back to Hollywood – never got the letter shows she is naive as she thinks that he was actually going to write to her also shows she wanted more out of life than what she was restricted to, because she believes she had talent from the compliments she received off the actors. She, in turn, appeared more humble, more like a real human being, as opposed to a weak female character as it shows that she did have a dream but it didn’t happen, her disappointment is shown when she complains how she could’ve had a better life.

‘coulda been in movies, an had nice clothes like they wear…’ The dream tells us how Curleys wife would’ve liked to wear nice clothes, been in plays and spoke on the radio. Says that the man also said she was a natural. she could want to be an actress because she says about the attention that they get so she has that dream because shes always wanted attention

shows she is striving for glamour, makes her seem tacky because she is always wanting attention, and also provocative

‘…a show come through, an i met one of the actors. He says i could go with that show, but my ol’ lady wouldnt let me. She says beacause i was on’y fifteen. But the guys said i coulda. If i’d went, i wouldnt be livin like this, you bet.’ Shows that she is naïve because of her young age, and shows she isn’t happy being married to Curley as he doesn’t pay attention to her, and she wants to be noticed by people.

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