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Curfew Argumentitive Essay

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Giving teen’s curfew is like a baby being able to walk at the age of 1. Critics say that minors have a constitutional right to choose how long they stay out. In the past the United States has used curfew during the war times. In 1995 77% of cities with population greater than 200,000 had some form of juvenile curfew. Therefor juvenile’s curfews should not be allowed because it will increase problems between young teens and the police, also teen curfews increase the crime rate in the day time, and curfew doesn’t keep teens out of trouble.

One of many reasons that curfews do not work is because it increases conflicts between the young people and the police officers. Many people dislike and don’t get along with police because they have bad feelings towards them. In the document, “ten arguments against youth curfew “by youth studies Australia, it states “extending the scope of police invention into young people’s affairs in this way will only serve to make worse the existing antagonisms and disrespect already apparent in the relationship between police and young people.” What this quote is saying is that having the teen curfew will only give the youth stress and make things worse for relationships between the police and young teens. Knowing that police plays a role in the teen curfew act would only make teens dislike the police. Only by having teen curfew would lead to madness and war between the youth and the police. This is just one of the reasons for why teen curfew wouldn’t work.

In addition, another reason for why juvenile curfew is not effective is because it doesn’t decrease the crime rate in the day time. Teen curfew is supposed to lower the crime rate at night and it does but when people can’t do crimes and get into trouble at night they do can do it in the day time. In the article “curfews don’t cut juvenile crime “by cnn it states “in California curfew arrest of young people rose from 5.400 in 1989 to 21,200 in 1996… the justice policy institute found that there was no corresponding decrease in youth crime rates study.” What this article is trying to say is that with teen curfew the crime rate will stay the same and it will not change in anyway.

However, many people feel that juvenile curfew should be enforced. Also many people say that keeping teens off the streets will lower the crime rate and less criminal activity will happen. But yet it isn’t fair and it is wrong to say that the youth cause the fact of big population of street crime and criminal activity. In the article “who commits crime” it states people in the 15-24 age range account for about 40 percent of all arrest even though they comprise only 14 percent of the population. This quote means that young people commit a small amount of street crime.

Juvenile curfew needs to be stopped. By stopping juvenile curfew teens have the privilege to enjoy them. Another benefit of stopping juvenile curfew is that teens get to go out and chase their dreams. Lastly if juvenile curfew was to be stopped teens would be more productive. For example instead of being home they can be at the gym and attending sport activities.

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