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Critical Argument Analysis Essay

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As a youth, I often wrote essays for school. Although writing isn’t my strong point, I recently have learned new skills and tactics to formulate decent articles. I also have learned what to notice while reading articles. Following the reading of three articles, I can analyze and evaluate them and identify several essential elements. I plan to determine the strengths and weaknesses, the effectiveness of evidence presented and determined if the author has proven their thesis statement. The three essays I chose for my paper were “Childhood Obesity” by Janet Barnett, “Taking the “Rap” For Violence in Music” by Kerri Bennett, and “Curing Plagiarism” by Hetal Shah. “Childhood Obesity,” by Janet Barnett

According to Barnett, author of the essay “Childhood Obesity”, obesity can be conquered in adults and children if proper fitness, prescreening, wellness and a moderately energetic lifestyle are encouraged daily at home and school. Barnett claims that including schools will help facilitate sound changes emphasized at home. The essay’s author, Barnett, does an excellent job of providing essential evidence throughout the essay. However, she fails to provide evidence to confirm her thesis. Regardless of the lack of evidence the author does provide data to solidify the obesity epidemic in the United States. The increase of type II diabetes is surreal. According to the author “Type II diabetes is up 800 percent in the last ten years” (Lamm & Everett, 2007, “Chapter 1 Student Essay). Barnett also proclaims ¼ of all high school students are overweight. However, 60 percent of adults are unhealthily overweight. One would think there would be a greater amount of obese students, being that the author claims environmental influences affect obesity rates in the United States. “Taking the “Rap” for Violence in Music,” by Kerri Bennett The essay by Kerri Bennett entitled “Taking the “Rap” for Violence in Music”, is a very interesting piece proclaiming rap music is the foundation for the increase in violence in society.

Bennett begins the essay repeating statements from two renowned music entertainers, Marilyn Manson, and Eminem. Bennett begins the essay with clear overtones detesting rap culture. The author of the article argues that rap music is a “litany of catchy phrases encouraging its audience of young children and teens to commit violence against women and other groups” (Lamm & Everett, 2007, “Chapter 4 Student Essay). Although I do not agree with Bennett, I cannot deny the essay’s unparalleled strength. Bennett effectively utilizes both violent rap lyrics and statics to emphasize her thesis. In the infamous rap “Kill” by Eminem, Marshall Mathers, vividly describes acts of violence like, murder and rape. Lyrics in this rap is a direct reflection of the increased crimes committed by juveniles against women, other youths and themselves. The author presents concrete evidence to support her thesis statement. Based upon the information presented in the essay, I unquestionably agree with their argument. “Curing Plagiarism” by Hetal Shah

Lastly, the essay “Curing Plagiarism” by Hetal Shah provides an insightful view of plagiarism in colleges and universities nationwide. Though out the opening of the essay Shah provides data to confirm the plagiarism epidemic. Regardless of the high percentage of students plagiarizing daily, Shahs believes there is a solution to the problem According to the author plague will continue until proper changes are made by instructors, students, and administrators. Shahs argues “instructors should improve how they teach academic honesty, administrators should revise and publicize policies treating academic misconduct, and students should value ethics over grades,” (Lamm & Everett, 2007, “Chapter 6 Student Essay. The essay concludes with the author stating several fail attempts at eradicating plagiarism and then offers a guarantee solution to cure all plagiarism in colleges and universities across the United States. The essay is strongest during the opening. In the beginning, the author skillfully manipulates statics to emphasize plagiarism though out the United States.

This essay identifies the seriousness and intensity of the plagiarism epidemic. According to the author “95 percent of high school students who cheat are never found out” (Lamm & Everett, 2007, “Chapter 6 Student Essay. Then the author provided several examples of collected data to support bootlegging information. However, the essay doesn’t have enough supportive evidence to back up the thesis. Throughout the essay, Shah doesn’t present documented evidence to support their argument. Perhaps if Shahs included data containing the percentage of reduction of stealing in areas of revised policies, then the thesis would have the support it needs. After evaluating the three previous essays, I enjoyed Bennett’s article the most. That article provides evidence to support its thesis. Bennett does an impressive job of presenting evidence that allows the audience to confer with their thesis. By presenting supportive evidence Bennett overwhelmingly surpassing the other two essays.

Lamm, Dr. R., & Everett, J. (2007). Dynamic Argument. Retrieved from University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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