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Corporal Punishmnet

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Corporal Punishment is a very complex and controversial topic. It’s hard to decide what is right and what is wrong when discussing how to discipline children. For who are not familiar with the term corporal punishment it is the use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain, not injury but for purpose of correction control of the child’s behavior. However, no matter what the arguments are, corporal and non-physical violence of children is actually a violation of children’s fundamental human rights to respect for human dignity and physical integrity recognized by all relevant international human rights. This topic actually had many research, article, debate about it and parent, teacher and society constantly trying to find the appropriate use of corporal punishment toward children’s.

Firstly, the pro of corporal punishment is bad behavior is on the increase, so corporal punishment should be reintroduced. It’s a way to minimize the bad behavior of children. Children need an adults to guide them to the right path and be a responsible and be a behave person toward others. There also has been an increase in crime rate. That why corporal punishment should be implemented and use by parent in order to help their children to not got involved in crime and don’t be a crooks.

Next, is there is a lack of father figures in the home. In the family, there once was a strong male figure that children fear. However, with increase in single parent families, often a mother, and figure those have gone. Children fear nothing these days and use of corporal punishment could give some fear and this would curb disruptive behavior of the children. A woman cannot realistically be mother and father. Both parents play in a child’s development is important. Rights culture needs to be impeded to the children, so the children will follow their parent ethics or behavior that good to follow through corporal punishment. Finally, it will also improve the lives of those who are bullied. Personally, for those who are bullied those during their school day usually is a child that had been misbehaved or maybe treated to many use of corporal punishment use by their parent towards that child. And this behavior also can be stopped by parents through guidance by parent and mix up with little of corporal punishment to motivate the child. The administration of corporal punishment made us grow up to become responsible citizen. Use of corporal punishment when we still a little kid, it does help us to remember to be good, honest, helping each other and listen to other and not interrupting other people conversation.

While, the bad in corporal punishment is it can leads to abuse. The fact that there are some parents who inflict physical punishment in an abusive way does not entail the conclusion that corporal punishment should never be inflicted by anybody. Corporal punishment is actually use of physical force without causing pain, bruising or wounds to the children. But parent do sometimes gone overboard towards they children that turns corporal punishment to abusing they own child because they are stubborn to teach. It also brings fear in the person. Moreover this is not always a bad thing if the person is afraid of being punished then the answer is to make sure that they know what they are doing wrong and they will avoid it. But still, If the person or the child is to afraid or won’t talk back then, the excessive use of corporal punishment had to be stopped and be more gentle towards them in ways to get back their trust towards the parents.

Then, cons in corporal punishment are it can bring psychologically effect and damaging to the child. It also brought numerous adverse psychological effects, including depression, inhibition, rigidity, lowered self-esteem and heightened anxiety. Some cases in corporal punishment towards child, is the children will have thoughts of committing suicidal attempt while other try to run away from home or maybe the child won’t be talking , or just keeping it to themselves. For children, actions speak louder than words. Children usually learn by observing role models and imitating them. Especially younger ones who do not fully understand the abstract moral concepts behind the punishments, making them reliant to whomever the nearest role model. Thus when you hit children very often they’re at risk of thinking that morality only exists if you get caught or punished and if you’re all grown up it’s fine to hit smaller and powerless people. Role model that a child would follow is important, and that why as parent we have to be accretive and be fully responsible towards how our child reacted and behave. Last but not least, some thought that corporal punishment is wrong and inappropriate towards a child.

Corporal punishment is good if the executed method is right, not causing pain or causing that child emotion to became mess-up’s and disoriented. If the ways are correct and the execution of the corporal punishment such as spanking or hitting done carefully, the child would understand the meaning behind those hitting or spanking as the way to educate their behavior. But too much of hitting or spanking it could be interpreted as abusing children so the parent have to be on their toes about using corporal punishment to teaches their child . Few countries approve the use of corporal punishment as legal. Parents should realize that between inflicting pain or low hitting towards a child in ways to let the children remembered that parent does that to correct their child behaviors, and still too much of that still can bring harm to them(children) either in emotion, mentally or bring psychological effect to the children.

In conclusion, Corporal punishment is if it has appropriate restrictions and safeguards, it is sometimes permissible. They have both good and bad effect towards how well or bad can happen if corporal punishment is used too frequently on children. But corporal punishment should be reintroduced towards the public, society and parents so that children should learn something from the spanking and hitting or slapping by their parents. Too much restraint of the children is not good also but too much of control by parent through excessive use of corporal punishment method can bring the children to more resisting, fight back , or won’t listen to their parents and sometimes can erupts the child suppress emotion and can’t be control no more. So, Corporal punishment should be reintroduced so the children are more careful, happy, tolerant, and have be confident towards other people.

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