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Conceptualizing a Business Argumentative

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Soothing Body is going to be a store that is much like a spa except without the high prices. Soothing body is going to sell the most relaxing products that any store has ever sold at a reasonable price. Our products are going to range from candles and soaps to soothing music and sounds. Soothing Body is going to have the most updated techniques for relaxation that people can practice in their own home. Soothing Body is going to take the spa feel and bring it right into your living room. Business, Products, and Customers: Mission Statement “Soothing Body is in business to serve many different cultures and ethnicities with the goal to achieve relaxation in every home”. The biggest competition for Soothing Body is going to be other stores that sell relaxation products and of course Spas.

At Soothing Body our customers will have the choice of going to an over-priced spa or coming to Soothing Body where they can get all the services and products that all the spas provide at a discounted price. This will be how Soothing Body will create a name for itself in the business market and will become the biggest and best alternative to going to the spa. Soothing Body will have an assortment of guided imagery, which is a technique used by a lot of people for stress management and relaxation. The guided images will be available for our customers to use and also purchase for in home use. Soothing Body’s mission statement is to provide the best quality of products and services for an in the home relaxation session with our splendid array of products, tools, and techniques in order for the customer to achieve a good balance of body, mind, and spirit. Organization Vision

“A vision statement presents the firm’s strategic intent that focuses the energies and resources of the company on achieving a desirable future”[pic] (Pearce & Robinson, 2009, p37). The vision of Soothing body is to be the best relaxation store in North America by having the best products at the cheapest prices, while having customer service so good that you feel like our store is like a second home. The future vision for Soothing Body is to have employees that are proud to work at Soothing Body and to do this Soothing Body is going to give back, in a big way, to the community. If Soothing body can do all of the above, they will be the embodiment of a company with principle and values.

“Values are standards which we strive to achieve. Values are practical habits that enable us as individuals to live, be successful and achieve happiness”[pic] (Pearce & Robinson, 2009, p45). One can think of values as the standards that companies set and strive to achieve. Soothing Body’s values will help the company to achieve what is stated in the mission and vision statement which was, “Soothing Body is in business to serve many different cultures and ethnicities with the goal to achieve relaxation in every home”. Guiding Principles: Culture, Social Responsibility, and Ethics

Soothing Body will have a value-orientated culture that will place direct emphasis on the many different cultures of its potential customers, incorporating the cultural experiences and needs into the store. The store will have a multi-ethnic style and feel that will offer the customers a wide range of aromatherapies and relaxation candles that represent and embrace the different ethnicities of the world. For instance, the company will offer a wide range of scents and spices that are widely used in India to relieve stress and promote a healthy balance. Soothing Body will also place their values of integrity and honesty above everything else when dealing with their customers. Soothing Body must at all times remain socially responsible while fulfilling customers’ needs.

Part of being socially responsible is continuing to contribute to society in a way that will continue to sustain it. Soothing Body must ensure that they are at all times socially and environmentally responsible. One way that Soothing Body can demonstrate that they are a socially responsible company is to treat customer, employees, and investors fairly and honestly at all times. Soothing Body will implement and initiate programs to assist the community based upon society’s needs. By providing society with programs that give back, Soothing Body will create a unique partnership with the community which will demonstrate an expression of the company’s values and respect for others. Organization Strategic Direction

Strategic direction can be defined as the plans made or the actions taken by the company in an attempt to assist the company to fulfill its intended mission, purpose and vision. When a company defines its vision, goals, beliefs, values and mission it gives the company a direction to move and grow. This direction will allow everyone including the employees and owner to know what is expected from the company and how to achieve those goals. When Soothing Body defined its mission and vision statements, the company was ultimately building an action plan that will stick to its values on the quest to achieve the goals and visions of the company. Customer Needs and Competitive Advantage

Soothing Body’s vision for the company is to provide a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where customers will feel at home while making their purchases. The overall mission of the company is to provide a store with a welcoming atmosphere that is open to the public regardless of race, gender, or religion. Soothing Body will place integrity and honesty above everything else when it comes to the customers. The company’s planning, objectives, and goals will have a huge impact on the company’s strategic direction in the near future and years to come. The strategic planning process is going to involve a lot of continued viewing of company’s mission and vision statement and to determine whether or not the company has met its goals. The company will use a benchmark that is based off the mission and vision statements to measure and decide what decisions will need to be made. These decisions will determine the overall direction and purpose of the company and its strategic direction.

Soothing Body’s mission is in business to serve many different cultures and ethnicities with the goal to achieve relaxation in every home. The company has a strict set of values which holds integrity and honesty to the highest regard and believes that every customer who comes in contact with Soothing Body will have a sense of the pride that its employees and suppliers have also. Soothing Body’s values are very important to the company and employees have to support the company’s vision, mission, and values when they come in contact with customers. The company’s strategic direction will be based upon achieving the goals that are clearly defined in the mission and vision statements. The best way [pic][pic]to achieve this is to review them continuously and make changes so that they are always striving to achieve their goals.


Pearce, J. A. II, & Robinson, R. B. (2009). Strategic management: Formulation, implementation, and control (11th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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