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Commemorative Speech

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My Dad is an extremely hard working person. He is always up and ready for the day before anyone else in my family and He is also the last person up always working on His projects. Just as much of a harder worker He is my Dad is also twice, even three times nicer than. My Dad is the most loving person I know, He has been extremely supportive in all my endeavors in life. He always reminds me of how much He loves me and care for me, He also sacrificed so much of His life to give me a better opportunity. He works selflessly to provide for my brothers and sisters all our necessities and goes the extra mile to ensure that we have everything we need to be successful. He always is there for me when I need Him.

He would literally drop whatever He is doing just to hear me rant or if I need a shoulder to cry on. He never belittles me or my problems and insecurities. He constantly reaffirms me of my potential when I feel just like garbage. He is always telling me I am destined for greatness, I am priceless and worth more than the world to Him. Even when I hear Him tell me these things over and over I believe Him because He is extremely genuine. It is actually because of Him that I want to help people with my life. He always told me to never be greedy or money hungry, but that I should use my wealth to help the poor. He never looks down on people in a worse position than Him, He always calls other people our brothers and sisters.

With this much Love there has to be so much patience within Himself to keep Him filled with so much love all the time. I know He must have a lot of patience especially since I am His son. I was such a huge handful in my youth, I was extremely rebellious towards Him. I would sneak out late, go out with my friends until 3 in the morning, and always fighting with my brothers. He would know, He would always know, somehow. Yet every time He still worked with me, He never raised His voice at me not once, He never abused me or hit. Although that is not to say He did not discipline me, but when He did His methods of discipline was always meticulously thought out, not rash and filled with anger. He is not like other parents who do not relate to their child, He can understand every part of me.

It is because of this patience that helps me grow closer in my relationship with Him. (*start of story*) I remember when I was suspended from middle for the second time within two weeks my mom was furiously yelling at me during the car ride home. My Dad was sitting patiently there during the whole ordeal and I remember my mom yelling at me how she hated my behavior and my Dad does not like it either. And out of nowhere I blurt that I do not like my Dad. A heavy silence filled the car as I realized how much my words must have hurt my Dad. He had done nothing but be supportive and loving and I turned on Him for no reason.

This brings me to the third and final quality of my Dad that I adore. His forgiveness. With so much love and patience to match, my Dad is always quick to forgive me about anything at any time. During that car ride my Dad still did not show any animosity towards me but He showed me what unfailing love looks like. I can have done something terribly wrong but He never condemns me, He always uplifts me telling me I can do better. Even when I snuck out late at night I know He was always the one to leave the back door open for me. Whenever I wrongfully get mad at Him He is still there to be supportive and a nurturing Father.

I can say that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by His love, patience, and forgiveness. I sometimes feel like that He deserves a better son and I tell Him how I think He deserves better but He always says the same thing. I am His son and He will never give up on me no matter what as long as I do not give up on Him. With a Dad like this I can only do one of two things to give back to Him what He has given me. The first is telling the world of His great love and the other sharing with the world this same exact love as He shared with me.

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