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City of Greenwood: State Level

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The city of Greenwood, Mississippi was founded in 1830 by John Williams also known as Williams Landing ( http://www. greenwoodms. com/241/History ) In 1844 Greenwood was initially named after Choctaw Chief Greenwood Leflore. Greenwood, Mississippi is also known as the heart of the Mississippi Delta. The city of Greenwood is well known for being rich in vegetation and wildlife (http://www. greenwoodms. com/241/History ). Greenwood has also been known for having lots of cotton and is known for being the cotton market.

Being known for cotton, Greenwood was named “The Cotton Capital of the World. Prior to the Civil War Greenwood shipped cotton throughout New Orleans, Louisiana, Memphis, Tennessee, and St. Louis, Missouri (http://www. greenwoodms. com/241/History ) Demographics and City Governance Greenwood, Mississippi is home to 16,000 residents and sits eastern of the Mississippi Delta (http://www. greenwoodms. com/9/About-Greenwood ). Greenwood has shown progress over the years and has shown major improvement with bringing things to the town.

Greenwood has its own elected officials as Mayor, district supervisors, and other city governance authorities as well. Greenwood, Mayor is Carolyn McAdams. Mayor McAdams has served two consecutive terms as Mayor of Greenwood. While under McAdams been chosen as one of the BlueShield Blue Cross represented due to healthier living in the communities (personal interview Carolynn McAdams). Greenwood has been seen as giving residents a chance at having and a healthier lifestyle. Since in office McAdams has restored and beautified downtown Greenwood (personal interview Carolyn McAdams).

The beautification project has consisted of beautiful plants and lights in the area of town Greenwood (personal interview Carolyn McAdams). Mayor McAdams has beautified parks with new restrooms, tents, grills, water fountains, and other park recreations for families and community people to enjoy. Greenwood also has its city council which consists of Wards one through seven (personal interview Carolyn McAdams). Each of these seven Wards is run by one individual who has a role as a city Council official.

Ward 1 is run by Johnny Jennings who also serves as President of the Council Members. Ward 2 is run by Lisa Cookston, Ward 3 is run by Ronnie Stevenson who serves as the Vice President to Ward 1 council member Jennings. Ward 4 is run by Charles E. McCoy, Sr. council member McCoy issues out a number of book scholarships to community seniors each year upon graduation. Ward 5 council member is Andrew Powel and Ward 6 is run by David Jordan. Lastly, Ward 7 is run by Carl Palmer who serves as the Municipal Judge (http://www. greenwoodms. com/110/Municipal-Court).

Charles Swayze serves as the prosecuting attorney of the municipal court and Liz Davis as the public defender (http://www. greenwoodms. com/110/Municipal-Court ). Greenwood also has their own city police department which is run by Chief of Police Ray Moore. Greenwood has its own sheriff’s department which is run by Sheriff Ricky Banks for the Greenwood County area. There are four fire stations in Greenwood in Greenwood that both handles for cases in the city part and county part of Greenwood. Fire chief Banks runs the fire departments in Greenwood.

Cultural & Religious Domains

Greenwood is currently experiencing a cultural revival. Greenwood has made great progression over the years. That 21st century has kicked in. There are many things to do and enjoy downtown, Greenwood. Downtown has boutiques, restaurants, galleries and an upscale hotel and spa called the Alluvian Spa Hotel. Many Greenwood residents have been known to have that great southern hospitality and also that Delta hospitality. For a small town, Greenwood has lots of beauty to offer, with a big personality and friendly residents. Greenwood has many different churches and religious domains to offer.

Turner Chapel in Greenwood is an African American Episcopal church it is the only one located in Greenwood (https://www. churchangel. com/denominations/MS-African-Methodist-Episcopal/Greenwood. htm ). There are twenty-six Baptist churches located in Greenwood ( https://www. churchangel. com/denominations/MS-Baptist/Greenwood. htm ). Pentecostal Church of God is the only Pentecostal church in Greenwood (https://www. churchangel. com/denominations/MS-Pentecostal/Greenwood. htm ). There also three Catholic churches located in Greenwood and two Presbyterian churches.

These are just a few of twenty-six religious domains in Greenwood. Civic and Social Domains Greenwood, Mississippi include many civic and social domains. Greenwood Leflore County Civic Center is one of the main social domains. Many events such as basketball games, concerts, weddings, parties and the circus take place at the Greenwood Leflore County Civic Center. Greenwood has started to host its annual “I’m So Greenwood” Festival at its own Whittington Park. “I’m so Greenwood consist of many families and friends and communities coming together as a whole for that one day.

Greenwood contains 26 preschools. Just to name a few of the schools Threadgill Elementary is a private school which educates is pre-k through 6th – grade students. St. Francis of Assisi is a private preschool educating student’s grades pre-k through 6th grade as well. There are also three middle schools which two are publicly funded. The two publicly funded middle schools are Greenwood Middle school which educates grade 7th and 8th -grade students. New Delta Preparatory which is also private educates graded 7th through 10th – grade students.

There are also other public and privately funded middle schools in Greenwood. There are two public high schools in Greenwood which are Amanda Elzy High School and Greenwood High School both schools educate 9th through 12th graders. There is a local Youth Center in Greenwood that serves many populations. Many people use the Youth Center to rent out family events, social, and in fact, around election time those that live in the city part of Greenwood uses it to cast their votes.

Also, each summer the Youth Center offers a summer program for children 6-12 years of age ( http://www.greenwoodms. com/741/Youth-Center ) Each day the children participates in art, sports, swimming, and other activities (http://www. greenwoodms. com/741/Youth-Center). My Role in the Community My role in the community of Greenwood consists of being a citizen. As a citizen of Greenwood and a future social worker, it is my duty to advocate for my community. Greenwood does not have a variety of things to offer for its youth. There is not a single YMCA located in the city of Greenwood. In fact, there are not many things located in Greenwood for the youth.

Many of the youth attend school and after school, if they are not involved in any extra curriculum activities they go home or where ever they may reside after school hours. As a future, social worker professional and a member of the Greenwood community, I would like to see improvement in many areas for the youth and their involvement in the community. Maybe if the youth have opportunities they would be more involved and have things to do in the communities. As a future social, worker I hope to someday be able to write out grants and get them approved and start programs for the youth after-school.

Proposed Macro Concern The proposed macro concern is the need for after-school programs for children pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade. As parents and as a community many have addressed the need for after-school programs in the school system. The purpose of these after-school programs would be to provide aid to these children after hours of school. Aid maybe help with homework, tutorial services and other available needs that are available upon request. Many students have parents that work pass the normal hours of schools.

Many parents are not home in the afternoon to help their children with their homework assignments. Approximately, during the 8 million children are home alone by themselves while their parents are out working (Department of Education, 2002). If after-school programs are enforced fewer children would be left behind academically (Life before after-school programs 2002). Besides, 20% of these children spend more time at school under adult supervision than they do at home with a parent or other adult supervision (Department of Education, 2002).

These researchers feel that if students are enrolled in after-school programs them would be much less at risk of having good grades, healthier food intake, and better opportunities (Life before after-school programs, 2002). These after-school programs will grants students the help they will need academically, socially, and healthy. A school meeting was met with the local educational board, guardians, and staff in regards to the need if after-school programs (personal interview Carolyn McAdams). Local Level As of now, that has not been anything done in regards to after school programs.

The school systems use to offer after-school programs as well as summer school programs during the summer. Due to budgets being cut there are no longer any after school or summer school programs (personal interview Valerie Reed Leflore County High School Principal). Budget was cut due to a number of things, shortness of staff, and not enough students being enrolled inn he after school, programs. Also, they were having to pay bus drivers for the late afternoon shift to transport the student’s home (personal interview Valerie Reed Leflore County High School Principal).

State Level

Due to low budget cost after school as well as summer school programs have been cut in the public and county school districts in Greenwood. National Level Research show that there is a need for after-school programs to serve children of all ages (https://youth. gov/youth-topics/afterschool-programs ). After school programs can provide support academically, mentor support, and help with youth on development, sports, and other recreational activities. Also, researchers are thinking that the need for after-school programs can improve the developmental aspect with these youths (https://youth. gov/youth-topics/afterschool-programs ).

After-school programs are highly in need right now. They have estimated that 10 million students across the United States are enrolled in after-school programs (Yohalem, Pittman, and Edwards, 2010). Afterschool programs develop positivity in youth and have also shown an increase in their grades and behavior in school (https://youth. gov/youth-topics/afterschool-programs . There are many supports for after schools programs from local businesses and community leaders that will benefit and help sponsor after-school programs (https://youth. gov/youth-topics/afterschool-programs .

Based on Research the Social Worker As a future social worker the student social worker will addressed the problem by partnering with other education advocate in the community and conduct some information in regards to the after school programs. The social work students will show benefits of after-school programs based on researchers. The benefits will all cover how these programs has hand an impact on a great number of children by showing research that was found.

The social worker will firs groups, interviews with guardians and children and see how after school programs affect them positively or negatively. A conduct of surveys and other methods can be done to seek the information needed in regards to the concern for after school programs for the youth. Implications for Practice After researching the need for after-school programs and personal interviews the student researcher has decided to view this macro concern as a holistic approach with clients, parents, and others in the community.

There are some things that can positively affect these children with the use of after school programs. For instance, positive behavior, better grades, better nutrition and health has shown to all see improvement due to after school programs being enforced (https://youth. gov/youth-topics/afterschool-programs). After school programs could be highly effective in some communities. Some communities in Greenwood are in some form of poverty. Many people lives in low in some homes and may not be in absolute poverty but they are in some strain of the poverty line (personal interview Carolyn McAdams).

Due to the educational system not being up to part and having lack of after school programs, text books, and other things these children are in need of to meet their educational component the student social worker would like to be an advocate for these people. Living in the Greenwood community has shown mw that the student can to make a difference, and be that voice seek change. As a future social worker can advocate for these children and families and maybe be able to be a part of a grant someday that will benefit these children academically and finically for their needs.

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