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Children’s Rights

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Topic Sentence
It is the first sentence in the paragraph.  It states the main idea or main point of the paragraph. What are you going to prove? It should relate to the question and/or the contention that you stated in your introduction

Every other sentence in the paragraph should relate to the topic sentence. The purpose of the paragraph is not simply to retell what happened.

Evidence and Explanation
These support the idea presented in the topic sentence. They are evidence/examples to back up your first “big idea” statement. They should provide specific reasons, examples, and details to provide the arguments to support the main idea of the paragraph. Each reason or statement should include specific details or examples (names, dates, key terms, events, facts, quotes) to explain the significance of the point you are making. Think of it as answering the question “So what? Why does this matter?”  Use transition words (first, second, furthermore, in addition, therefore) to connect the ideas in the paragraph together.  Details should be stated in a logical order such as:  Order of importance

Chronological order

There are a couple of ways that the link can be created 1. You can link the concluding sentence of your essay to the point that you are making and show how the paragraph and evidence you have provided supports your contention 2. It can provide a link to what will be covered in the next paragraph.

No first or second person (I, me, my, us, we, our, you, your)
No contractions (isn’t, weren’t, we’ll, they’re)
No colloquial language or slang
No fragment or run on sentences; use Standard grammar and spelling.

Decide on a contention that is your response to the topic. You can agree, disagree or choose somewhere in between! For example:
Children continue to be mistreated throughout the world, despite an international law prtotecting children’s rights. Or
International law has improved the situation for many children around the world, but there are still serious problems Or
A contention of your choice

Gives opinion of how children are treated in other countries. Can identify some examples of issues facing children around the world. Describes and explains a children’s rights issue around the world, giving specific examples. Describes using appropriate evidence a children’s rights issue around the world giving specific examples from particular places. Uses appropriate evidence to analyse a children’s rights issues in specific locations around the world.

Use your case studies and internet research to show evidence. Reasoning and understanding

Can identify how an organisation is working to address a chosen children’s rights issue .

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