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Childhood Memory Argumentative

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It was summer, in the year 2004, and my niece came to visit my house. We used to live in the country side, away from town. We were playing around as usual; as it being a bright sunny day. I was a 6 year old boy who was always looking for trouble and something to do, along-side me was my brain storming twin brother and together we cause all sorts of chaos and would get scolded all the time and never listened. Of course since it was summer, we were anxious to start our day. Our niece was here for a visit and since she was two years younger we wanted to show her that we could do something she couldn’t. As little children you always want to do things that someone else can’t even though how lame you it’ll be 8 years later. My brother and I were jumping off the couch and since it was so high my 4 year old niece was too afraid to try. Although we did jump off the couch in an unsafe way, we stop on the back end on the high part of it. Meanwhile, my mom was repeadaly scolded us by saying some things about, to stop jumping off that you’re going to get hurt.

We, of course, didn’t listen; as usual. My niece was envious of our ability and wanted to try. My brother and I didn’t want her to try for the reason of finding out that she could do it too, so we said no. We repeatedly did it again and again. My mother got tired of us not listen to her demand of stopping so she put me and brother in time out. Although, my mom was never good at keeping us in time out and immediately escaped. We just began where we left off and jumped of the couch. My niece kept trying to join in but we wouldn’t let her. Since at the time, was such a brat she started to whine and gave us a hint she was about to rat us out and cry; of course we wouldn’t want to get caught. My brother and I knew what had to happen we would have to give in and let her join in. So we did and that was the worst mistake we probably ever made. We started walking up to the top of the couch.

I held her right hand and my brother held her left hand, being that she was still only 4 and was a little unbalanced. I remember this part very well and seem as though every time I replay it goes slower and slower. We got to the top and jumped. I heard a yelp and crying, my brother and I walked away and looked back. I saw my niece lying flat on her stomach looking up and her mouth was bleed; a lot. I yelled out for my mom and she came rushing in screaming that she told us not to jump off the couches. I only watched as my mom carried her into the bathroom and started cleaning her mouth up. I don’t remember much after that only that I didn’t see my niece for a couple of weeks after and that my brother and I got in huge trouble. This was important in my life because this taught me two things: one that maybe I should listen and do what my mom says more often and two that it’s always a bad idea to jump off the couch.

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