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Catherine Linton and Hareton

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Why do we see Catherine Linton and Hareton at both the beginning and the ending of the novel?
We see Catherine Linton and Hareton at the beginning and the end of the novel for many reasons. We see them at the beginning to show how dank and dirty their lives were, how their lives have changed with the absence of Heathcliff, and we see how their relationships with each other and other people have changed. In the beginning we see that Catherine and Hareton do not like each other, and Heathcliff hates both of them. Catherine seems to despise everyone and has a rude disposition. Hareton appears to be an uneducated farm hand that does not take lightly to anyone. At the end of the novel things have changed drastically; Catherine and Hareton are to be married.

Catherine has gone from a rude, hateful person to a kind, gentle woman. Hareton has also grown to be compassionate. With the absence of Heathcliff Catherine and Hareton are free to be who they are and not the dark, dreadful people Heathcliff wanted them to be. Heathcliff’s dark influences are no longer inflicting Catherine and Hareton’s lives. Catherine and Hareton are now much more pleasant to be around and have a great relationship with each other. Catherine and Hareton lead a happy, pleasant life at the end of the novel, which was not the case in the beginning of the novel. 9. Lockwood is taken on a journey of discovery of what real love is. Defend or refute this claim using specific examples.

I think that Lockwood is not taken on a journey of discovery of what real love is. In the beginning of the novel Lockwood stumbles upon Wuthering Heights, and he sees the hatred and loneliness of its inhabitants. As the novel progresses Lockwood hears of Catherine and Heathcliff’s love and how it did not work due to selfish desires. Mr. Lockwood also hears about Heathcliff and Isabella’s marriage and the lack of love involved in it. Heathcliff hates Isabella, and Isabella eventually hates Heathcliff and leaves him. Their love does not withstand the test of time. Edgar and Catherine’s marriage is also not real love. Catherine only thinks that she loves Edgar because he has money and the life style she has always longed to have. Catherine does not love Edgar and eventually goes mad because she cannot have Heathcliff. Catherine loves Heathcliff, but is married to Edgar.

Little Cathy and Linton also do not have real love. The two love each other but not in the manor that Cathy thinks that she love Linton. Cathy loves Linton as her cousin not her husband. Linton eventually dies, and at the end of the novel Cathy finds a fascination in Hareton. Cathy and Hareton are to be married, but no one truly knows if they have real love. The trauma of Cathy and Haretron’s live under Heathcliff’s rule may have brought them together, but I think they also have a cousin love and not husband and wife love. Cathy and Heathcliff are the only two people throughout the novel that I believe to be truly in love. Catherine and Edgar, Heathcliff and Isabella, Cathy and Linton, and Cathy and Hareton may have been married or are to be married, but I do not believe that any of them had real love with their spouses or will with their fiancé. Lockwood does not know anything about real love by the end of the novel.

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