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Carpentry has been around for quite some time yet has experienced a growth which includes updating the tools and safety of the profession. Working with wood is a skill that has been around since man created his first tool. From carpentry’s beginnings, it has developed enormously, but in its essence, the tools and techniques our modern carpenters use today are the same as those used in the Stone Age. The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines carpenters as “people who construct, erect, install and repair structures and fixtures made from wood and other materials.” This trade has an extensive history, an expansive modern field, and with it, I plan to build a tree house, thus making a difference in a kid’s life. The term “carpentry” comes from the Late Latin term “carpentum” which means two-wheeled vehicle. The woodworkers of the Roman Empire built the chariots that allowed the fast travel. They also built the foundation for early highways, between which concrete cement was laid. The innovative ideas of these workers allowed for the Romans to conquer and build such a vast empire. The woodworkers were thus named carpenters.

Carpentry is one of the oldest professions where “the word “carpenter” comes for the ancient Romans” (“What is Carpentry?” 7). Carpentry is an important skill today because it is used to build houses and buildings, without the carpentry part of the process it would never get built. They build private homes, public building, and sometimes help construct new roads and bridges; also they build shelves, cabinets, furniture, and other things for people like desk or offices for workers. Carpenters back then only worked with wood, today’s carpenters however, also work with many other types of materials. Some of these materials are vinyl siding, electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, bricks and stones, and roofing tiles. As with any other career path, there are basic techniques and skills carpenters’ need, the skills they may need also depends on the job he/she needs to complete. Today, carpentry is the most popular career choice in the American construction industry. Nearly 1.5 million carpentry positions were available in 2006, this number is excepted to rise in the future and to have more demand for carpenters.

Carpentry involves all kinds of challenging jobs: it’s an exciting industry. You will have to work with hand tools, power tools, and all types of building materials. One thing about the career of carpentry is that the most exciting part is watching the projects you’re working on get built. “According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, there were nearly 1.5 million carpentry positions in 2007. This number is expected to rise in the coming years.”(“What is carpentry?”6). Most carpenters have a staff or team that helps them build all their projects, being part of a team can be rewarding.

Key requirements for Carpenters are first-rate craft skills in carpentry and joinery, combined with the ability to provide creative input during the construction of film sets and props. They must be aware of the creative shortcuts that can be used to build very short term, fake constructions as cheaply, but as safely, as possible. They must be literate and numerate: the ability to understand complex drawings, specifications and technical literature is essential, as are strong mathematical skills to calculate angles and dimensions. Carpenters must also be team players, have physical strength, stamina, a good sense of balance, and be comfortable working at heights. Full knowledge of the Health and Safety requirements when working with tools, is essential in this career path.

As for safety, safety equipment is required and could save your life. Shoes, glasses, hardhats, and clothing are some of the safety equipment needed on the job site. Some safety measure to take are too wear you’re proper safety equipment such as, safety glasses.

Safety glasses should be made of tempered glass and in some cases you should wear goggles. This prevents splinters and other flying objects from entering the eye from under or around the safety glasses. Sneakers are not counted as safety equipment, but they are only used by roofers. Sneakers, sandals, and dress shoes should not be worn on the job they do not provide enough protection. Only safety shoes should be worn on the job. Gloves are important for carpentry because they can keep your hands safe and sometimes we need, warm. Probably the best gloves for carpentry work are a lightweight type. A suede finish to the leather improves the gripping ability of the gloves, and cloth gloves tend to catch rough materials. Before you go to work on any job, make sure that your entire body is properly protected. Hard hats, flannel clothes, gloves, goggles, and proper shoes should be looked over to make sure you have them, and after you know you have them you are clear to go to work.

Carpenters work in unfinished surroundings; this is why it’s all good to make sure your safe. While a house is being built, there are many unsafe places around the building site. When a house is almost finished, there can still be some hazards. Wood left on the roofs could fall and hit you still (“Everyday Carpentry”5). A safe working site makes the job easier to get done and helps the workers know that they are safe. Ladders are a big hazard in carpentry; you could easily lose your grip or footing. You should never hold on to the rungs of a ladder is very unsafe. You should always hold onto the outside rails of the ladder when climbing. There are holes you can trip in; they can be located on any part of a work site. They may be holes for any reason; these holes can cause you all kinds of problems, especially if you fall in one and turn your ankle. Other debris around the yard can be a source of trouble. You have to watch your every step around a construction site. You should always know your surroundings and every inch of your work site.

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