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Cacao Leaves as Insect Repellant

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Insecticides or ovicides are widely used before and after these years to kill or destroy mosquito eggs. However, some of these ovicides/insecticides being sold in the market have very strong ingredients that pose danger to our environment as well as to us, persons. Moreover, these insecticides sold in the market are expensive. Cacao leaves can kill insects because of a toxic chemical they contain. This toxic chemical is called tannin and it is very poisonous to insects.

B. Statement of the problem
This study is made to find out the effectivity of cacao as an insect repellent. It also aims to answer these questions: a. Is there a significant difference between Cacao insect repellent from the commercial insect repellants? b. How long does it take to process this insect repellent?

c. How long will its effectivity lasts in getting rid of mosquitoes?

C. Significance of the study
It is known that “prevention is better than cure”. With the growing number of mosquito-inflicted diseases today, the necessity of looking for insecticides that are definitely effective in killing mosquitoes rises. Cacao leaves, being a locally available product can be used as a raw material to be utilized in making concoction that prevents the growth of mosquito population. Moreover, this Cacao leaves insecticide is specifically effective in eradicating mosquitoes but unharmful to our environment and other animals like our pets at home.

D. Scope and Limitation :
For best effectivity , use young cacao leaves. It is recommended to use this kind so it can produce more extract.

II. Review of Related Literature

III. Methodology
A. Materials / Equipment

Cacao leaves
Olive oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Mortar & Pestle
Stock Pot

B. Procedure
1. Heat the water then put the cacao leaves. Wait until 2 mins to boil. 2. Take out the cacao leaves from the boiling water and throw it away. 3. Crush the garlic then put it into the boiling water. Wait until 2 mins. 4. Get a strainer to separate the garlic from the water and throw it away. 5. Wait for the hot solution to cool off then place it in the sprayer and now you’re ready to kill insects.

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