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C.A.S Beauty Salon

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C.A.S Beauty Salon is the name of the business. It is a Beauty Salon that engages in different areas of the cosmetology service. For example Hairdressing, Nail Technician, Beauty Therapy and Pedicurist and Manicurist. C.A.S Beauty Salon is s sole proprietorship. It is own and control by Chavonese Stephens. C.A.S Beauty Salon is a salon that caters for children from 9 years of age to adults. In this salon in the hairdressing area the salon specialize in hair cutting, cornrow, braiding, curling, cutting, creaming, colouring, treating, washing and locking of the hair. In the manicure and pedicure service the salon specialize in massaging feet and hands, do fingernails and toe nails, polishing and add additional of nails that is called tips. Beauty therapy specializes in the skin and beautifying the face. The purpose is to express the creativity to find unique solutions to the beauty salon problems to create a new customer service program, a full beauty salon, and at least 95,000 in salaries by this date one year from today. The mission is to serve the clientles with the wide range of service in an effort to enhance the beauty and of different race of people of different races and to create an awareness of health and personal hygiene.


C.A.S Beauty Salon will be located at shop number 15 Pavilion Mall, Half Way Tree. The reason for choosing this location 1. Demography- the Half Way tree area is densely populated with people of different culture and background and age group. 2. Commercialize- the location allow people to become aware of the services the business offers.3. Geography- the business will be located in a mall that is in centralized vicinity visible to everyone in the Kingston metropolitan area.


Human resources. 1 Receptionist- gives direction and collects personal information and prepares appointment. 2 Beauty therapies- make application of beauty products to the face, apply thoracic massage of critical area of the body and offer relocation techniques and apply artificial eyelashes and saving of the eyebrows. 3 cleaner-mop and sweep the salon tidy the working stations and clean restroom areas. To increase productivity base on the nature of business and quality of service which demand a high level of human contact?


Fixed capital – Refer to capital which is long-lasting and which does not change its form during the course of production.eg. Machines

Working Capital – is changed in the course of producton.eg.Materials

Tasty fruit smoothies decided that in order for the business to get necessary start-up capital to funds its operation, it obtain a loan of $50,000 will be used. The loan obtain from the bank will be used as fixed capital for purposes such as purchasing items such as industrial blenders, mixers, freezers and refrigerators. Working capital would be used for


The role of the entrepreneur is to plan, organize, and operate C.A.S Beauty Salon. 1. Conduct payroll 2.Market and promotion 3. Conduct the hair services .


Tertiary- this consist of all service that either add use or satisfaction to the goods produce. C.A.S Beauty Salon offers services at the tertiary level of production chain to consumer who wants to look beautiful and feeling great. These services entail enhance the facial look by the application of face product, styling the hair, treating the hair, smooth skin surface with medicated lotion and also apply thoracic massage to critical area of the body to promote health.


Subsistence- this states that the basic wants of human beings. C.A.S Beauty Salon operate at a subsistence level whereby services are only offered to person who live within the Kingston and it’s environ. These services are sustained by minimal resources from personal savings and financial endeavors.


Replace a substance with an alternative product that contains a less hazardous substance. Health information found in an MSDS may assist in the selection of a less hazardous substance. Replace pressurised aerosol containers, with pump sprays, e.g. pressurised wrap catalyst, hairsprays.

Make sure there is good ventilation so that exposure to airborne contaminants can be prevented or minimised, e.g. local exhaust ventilation. Protect against eye splash by installing splash shields in areas where chemicals are mixed.


The computerized hair style book it is accurate and can be reliable. Hair dryer it save time and it is more accurate in its use than manual drying of the hair.


Forward linkage is the type of linkage C.A.S Beauty Salon will create. This is because it benefits on other business to give them they manufactured products. C.A.S Beauty Salon income gain by a multiplier effect when consumer spend their money for the service.


C.A.S Beauty salon will grow internally- the business will eventually expand into other services such as barbering which would increase employment and revenue. Externally- having another branch of C.A.S Beauty salon in another commercialize location in the city.


Tax and Register company .If the economic environment remains stagnant increasing tax will impact on the business revenue hence lowering its profit. It can take time consuming to get the business properly register because of government curacy and might create inopportunity for the business.


The disposal of hair and chemical and containers it might cost the legal consequence a law sue if found guilty of harming the environment.


Robinson Karlene & Hamil Sybile. CXC: Principle of Business with SBA study guide and exercises. Carlong Publisher, Caribbean Limited, 2001.

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