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Part 1: Answer the following questions (20 points)
1. Name and describe the components needed to make a complete circuit. You would need a bulb(converts electrical energy to radiant energy), a battery(possible power source), a switch(used to connect and disconnect the circuit), a buzzer(converts electrical energy to mechanical energy), a motor(converts electrical energy to mechanical energy), a resistor(slow down electron movement), a voltmeter(measures the voltage) and an ammeter(measures the current in unit amperes). 2. Compare and contrast a series and parallel circuit. Give at least one way that they are alike and one way that they are different. In a series circuit, electrons travel only one path, while in a parallel circuit there is more than one path the electrons can follow.

Both circuits have a current which can flow. 3. Ohm’s law is represented by the equation I = V/R. Explain how the current would change if the amount of resistance decreased and the voltage stayed the same. In accordance with the law, is resistance decreased and voltage stayed the same the current would increase. The increase is inversely proportional to the resistance. 4. Define resistance and describe what would happen to a light bulb if the voltage increased but the resistance stayed the same. Resistance is the opposition to current flow. In a light bulb if the r stayed the same and the v increased then the current would increase causing the light bulb to become brighter. Part 2: Design your own circuit (40 points)

Design a circuit and draw a circuit diagram using the proper symbols. Your circuit must contain a battery, a light bulb (if you would like to substitute another item that uses electrical power you may), a switch, an ammeter, and a resistor. After you draw your circuit, complete the questions which ask you to describe the circuit that you have created. You may hand draw the circuit and scan or fax the worksheet to submit for grading. Or you may use a draw/paint program to create your circuit in the space provided. You will be awarded points as follows:

Circuit contains all required parts – 5 parts (1 point each) 5 points
Circuit is properly constructed and would work
5 points
Symbols are correct and properly placed – 5 total (1 point each) 5 points
Question 1 explanation
5 points
Question 2 explanation
5 points
Question 3 explanation
5 points
Question 4 explanation
5 points
Question 5 explanation
5 points
Total point value
40 points

Circuit Diagram:

Question 1: Is the circuit you created a parallel, series or a series/parallel circuit? Support your answer with a description of this type of circuit. The circuit is a series circuit due to the single path the current can flow.

Question 2: What is the purpose of the resistor in your circuit? The resistor makes sure that only the required amount of the current is given and prevents overloading the circuit.

Question 3: How does the switch work? The switch is used to connect and disconnect the circuits power supply to either turn on or turn off the bulb.

Question 4: Describe the path of the electric current through your circuit. The current travels in one direction due to it being a direct current (dc). Batteries use direct currents.

Question 5: Explain how your battery works. (You may want to look at lesson 3.02) What are some possible materials you could use to make your battery? The battery is composed of 3 parts. The cathode, anode, electrolyte. The cathode and anode are hooked up to the electrical circuit. The battery stores chemical energy and releases it as electrical energy. One would need a piece of zinc (zinc plated nail), a piece of copper(a penny), and an ionic solution such as a potato to make a battery.

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