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Beowulf vs Batman

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The idea of superheroes was formed by the human imagination since we all need someone to model ourselves after. The word superhero has existed for so long thus we all couldn’t know when and where did it first appear. Though thoughts and opinions about superhero have altered through years, makes the classic hero and the modern day hero now have some of the pretty obvious different between them; for example we can take a look at Beowulf and Batman. The basic concept of Beowulf and Batman is different but it is not opposing they are both extraordinary heroes that have made an impact in their towns. They both possess the heroic quality of strength and endurance, but Beowulf possesses super nature abilities. For example: in the battle with Grendel, he was bravely proclaim that he will kill the monster with his bare hands, and he did, ripped the arm of a monster that no one else could.

And he was also swum for seven straight days under the sea and fights so many sea monsters but he would never harm an innocent soul unless they are harming the other. Beowulf reveals his adhesion to a code of ethics in his argument with Unferth. Beowulf condemns him of killed his own brother. On the other side, Batman doesn’t have the super nature abilities as Beowulf, so he based on his skills, intelligence and the technology weapons that he invented. He is not immortal and has been shot, severely wounded, and beaten many times throughout the comic and movie series. He fights the gangs of criminals on numerous occasions with his bare hands, and just like Beowulf, he would never kill a criminal if they were not the immediate threat; they both condemn murder. Another dissimilarity between these two heroes is their fight purposes; Beowulf is self confidence and he was fighting for his own goods, for his glory and worthiness, he want to be the hero that would be acknowledged by everyone, which are the reasons leads him into an adventure.

Batman on the other hand, he private and discreet contributed without any thought of self-profit; he wants to protect the city of Gotham out of the villains. All the things he has done for the people are for the justice that he were following and also from the pain that he has been through, he wants to clean up the city so no one would have to bare a horrific experience like his again. Also, in the end of the poem, Beowulf was lost in the battle with the dragon, but he was died with all the goriness and treasure; different from Beowulf, Batman was not aged that much in the most recent movie, and the movie was ended with an open ending. Beowulf died with treasure and the glory that he was looking for the whole life; Batman clamed the love, the respect of people in the city.

Through the endings of these two, we can say that in our day, people would never rather a tragedy death for our superhero by anyhow. The good have always gets the triumph. Overall, They both are strong, intelligent, and worthy of being considered a hero, but they virtually have almost nothing is extremely in the same form. In two different ways, two different purposes they were still used their strength and scarified themselves to fight the evil power, and save the people who were not deserved to be harmed surround them. Batman is very humbled man compared to Beowulf even when Beowulf started experiencing the humility when he was old.

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