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Application architecture and process design

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The application architecture design is determining the technologies used by one or more of information systems by its data, process, interface, and network components. This is the framework for the general design. This is the time for the team to decide which hardware and software Riordan will be using for their system based on the ability to support their new HR system. Determining what is most cost-effective and reliable for their company. The architecture design is the time that the nonfunctional and functional requirements come into play. The team will need to decide on the nonfunctional requirements needed for the system these are the major components of the “how” of system. The team will need to plan for the performance of the system, the speed it will operate at, the capacity, the availability, and the reliability.

Security will also be a factor for the system the team will be inputting the security settings of their users. Allowing access to specific areas to specific users and restricting information to users. The team will also set up the authentication and virus control. Riordan requests high-level security controls on their system. Our system will include firewalls and ensure that there will be no outside intrusions. It will also be able to do routine backups and have a recovery system. Human resources professionals should understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality of sensitive employee information, such as social security numbers, reviews, health-related information. HR must obey privacy laws, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (SHRM, 2012). Because this system has to do with Human Resources, the need for the system to follow specific guidelines to protect their employees information is important.

Apply the tools of systems analysis to describe the information system’s architecture in terms of data, processes, interfaces, and network. You can use a Microsoft® Visio® diagram to draw examples of flow charts, data flow diagrams, and any other design tools.

Data Flow Diagram 0

The system is comprised of Clients, Employees, CEO and Visitors.

Clients are the customers who purchase the finished products of Riordan’s.

Employees are the people employed by Riordan their job are to make and produce plastic designs. The employees range from the laborers, office staff, engineers, the managers of the departments.

The CEO holds the most important job of all at Riordan he oversees the entire company and ultimately makes the approval for any new systems. He handles the client’s problem and employee issues that other managers cannot deal with. Visitors

Visitors are the people who visit Riordan’s website; they use the site to gather information about our company and products or to apply for a job.

Data Flow Diagram 1
The process consists of work or actions performed on data transformed, stored, or distributed. The process must have a destination of data. The data will leave the server and go elsewhere. The HR information must synchronize with different locations through the main server, which is located in San Jose, California. The data should be available to download and upload through users in all of Riordan’s locations. The newly updated system will allow the organizational data, personal worker information, updated employee listings, employee file editing, job descriptions, job applications, and the employee handbook, to share between all HR locations.

Interfaces and Network
Riordan currently has a system already in place the team will work to produce a new HR system, which will integrate with the old system. The new system will use interfacing to transmit our HR information between locations. The team will install a network adapter card, which will allow the computers to transport information wirelessly to each other via the main server (Wise Geek, 2013).


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Dennis, A., Wixom, B. H., & Roth, R. M. (2012). Systems analysis & design (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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