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Animals feel pain

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Animals just like humans have a nervous system which allows them to feel pain. How would you think it would feel if someone was dragging you by a hook that has been punctured right through your cheek or some other part of your body? Would you want to be shot? I DIDNT THINK SO Posted by: ammanuel.mesfin

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Yes All Hunting should be Banned.
Hunters love to use the following argument
>>>”Resources for all creatures is finite. Humans and deer (and other game animals) need room to live, but the room to roam and populate has it’s limits. For example, deer populations need to be restricted by the available food limits of their respective habitats. Without hunting, the deer population would grow to the point of encroaching into human areas far worse than now, causing safety issues for humans and animals (many more vehicle/deer collision), and human crops being overrun by a deer population explosion; more deer require more food.
want to put down their guns and give up their hobby of “Killing” other living beings for their kicks. Posted by: dgeclipsed

Animals have done nothing to deserve this.
Think about the harmless animals that haven’t been doing anything to people. They get killed for no reason. Some people just want a new fur coat, some need a head on their wall, and others just want to kill for fun. Rabbits, deer, dogs and other animals get killed for stupid things like skins and fur. This will cause extinction and a change needs to happen. Report Post

Hunting is a form of legal mass murder.
What serial killers do to people, hunters do to animals. They select, stalk, then kill their innocent victim. The motive of the sport hunter is not survival, it’s pleasure, a.k.a. fun. They love killing! And it’s not a sport. The animal can’t shoot back and doesn’t even know it’s in the game. Hunters are snipers. They all claim to love and respect nature but kill and wound the best nature has to offer. They destroy what they say they care about. This is thoroughly psychopathic. They are so blinded by their love of killing that they cannot see how immoral it is, not to mention cruel. Taking life for one’s own pleasure is as evil as one can get. Hunters are a most despicable bunch. Report Post

Hunting Kills Animals!
Hunting needs to be banned. Animals are like human beings. They should not be killed for any reason. People need to treat animals like their own self. Species of animals are declining due to hunting. Hunters have no limitations and are free to do whatever they like. Hunting needs to be banned! Report Post

Yes all forms of hutning should banned!!!!
Is there any need to harm animals as a blood sport. Hunting is wrong. Let me explain why I think it is wrong. lot of people go out with hunts in the UK and chase after animals, shoot them. Why, why shoot an animal, is it for fur, meat or just pure pleasure. It is pointless to hunt animals for meat and fur, for human needs, when we have clothes to keep us warm, made out of synthetic (Nylon/ Polyester) or natural plant products like cotton. There is just no reason to wear animal skins, in the modern age. Sure if you want to wer something that looks authantic, there is something called faux fur. And if you are going to eat meat, go to the super market and buy an organic free range chicken. There is simply no need to hunt animals for food and fur anymore, we have the services there. It is also wrong to shoot animals for trophy hunting, hunting animals also impacts on the natural ecosystem, you kill so many of a species they die, then what happens, the local ecosystem goes crazy. Humans need to stop hunting animals before we lose all these wonderful species Report Post

Sport hunting YES
Sport hunting should be banned.
These rednecks just do it for fun, enjoyment and for profit.

Hunting has endangered many species and sportsmen have NEVER helped them recover. It shows sportsmen don’t want to recover species, they only care for the money it brings not the species survival.

Cheetahs faces high mortality rate due to inbreeding issues. Trophy hunters used to hunt them. According to many sources they still hunt the Cheetah and Cheetah is a VULNERABLE species. They never helped the Cheetah to go back to Least Concern (LC)

African Lion became vulnerable because of sportsmen. They never helped the lion to go back to Least Concern(LC) Recent studies demonstrate that trophy hunting of lions is now the single largest contributor to the decline of the lion population on the African continent. I was right inbred hick hunters does nothing but negativity to the lion survival.

African Elephant became vulnerable because of sportsmen. They never helped the elephant to go back to (LC)

Many more vulnerable species in Africa most of them NEVER went back to (LC) Least Concern = Stable survival. Many still kill vulnerable species.

Tiger species became endangered because of hunters and guess what, hunters NEVER helped the tiger to go (LC)

Extinct in the wild species such as Scimitar oryx, hunters brought them extinct in the wild and don’t want to reintroduce them back to the wild… They only exist in ranches and these inbred hunters hunt them in ranch for profit and they oppose the banning of this cruel practice. They’re too selfish to breed them back to the wild.

Hunters aren’t conservationists they’re takers and racketeers. They’ll waste their money on”

Worthless trash such as paying thousands of dollars in trophy hunting, Canned hunts,
Feeding animals in ranch that will be hunted,
Making many reality shows, hunting and trapping shows,
Wasting millions even billions in brainwashing people and or senators to defend hunting, Wasting hundreds of millions to defend hunting.
Wasting tons of money on buying land for hunting,
Keeping lots of money in their own pockets,
Spending a little to restore animals in huntable places,
Some are wasting money to make online hunting such as the loser sit on their computer to press a key for a robot to shoot an animal in another country. Spending ZERO to help animals with non huntable places,

Is why hunters don’t help non huntable species because they don’t care and rather waste their money on crap and keep some for their own pockets rather than helping species that truly need urgent help. Hunting is like NRA is a business and lobbyists they don’t care about anything else but money and getting richer.

Also sportsmen are soo called anthropocentric environmentalism (which is concerned with conservation of the environment only for exploitation by and for human purposes) or otherwise they let it go extinct. Sportsmen never help species with no huntable species. They’re the takers not the givers, they do it for profit and selfish desires. Report Post

Stop it is mean!!!
It’s mean and cruel animals don’t do not deserve to die this way. I don’t care if it’s the way you get food eat something else like vegetables or fruit at least those are not killing poor little animals. Also when people put them on display that it disgusting! Unless they died on their own which I doubt you do not need them stuffed!!!!!! Report Post

Yes, it is cruel.
I oppose the ignorant and barbaric slaughter of such beautiful and innocent animals by such ignorant rednecks. I cannot stand the thought of killing animals for the thrill of it. Hunting must be banned because it’s cruel to kill animals. I have a heart and will never dream of hunting animals ever! Report Post

I believe that hunting for fun should be banned.
Now, hunting for food can be justified well enough, but honestly, how many people you know actually hunt to survive? The majority of hunters these days live in a city, have a job, and hunting for them is not a primary source of food whatsoever. They’re just having fun walking in the forest and shooting living things. I think shooting living things for fun is sick and wrong, and must be banned.

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