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Animal Planet – Cats

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* Cats first started living with people approximately 6,000 years ago. * They came in many shapes and sizes, but the fur coat on a cat was the best way to tell how they were classified. Ex: long-haired, short-haired, or “hairless”.

* 100 different types of breed exist, but they all share the same basic body structure. -Domestic/House cats are not much different than their “big cat” cousins (lion and tiger). * Their body:

-Whiskers: navigate around objects in low light
-Eyes: farsighted, nocturnal (night vision for hunting)
-Teeth: tearing, grasping, and shredding prey
-Tongue: use to groom their coat. (Can only taste bitter, acid, and salty flavors. Not sweet.) * Cats are independent and self-reliable.
-Don’t mind being left alone all day
-Don’t need to be let outside for bathroom needs.
-BUT when cats are left completely alone they will find ways to amuse themselves (shred toilet paper, explore counter top) * They easily adapt to environments and new lifestyles.

* Owning a cat is a commitment and has its responsibilities. -financial cost for the provided care (food, supplies, veterinarian visits) -keeping the cat safe indoors
-scooping out litter box, feeding the cat and supplying water daily -playing with the cat and giving affection it deserves
* Preparations before bringing a cat home:
-Cat carrier: for transport and veterinary check-ups
-Litter boxes: daily use and privacy
-Cat litter
-Food and water dishes
-Cat or Kitten food
-Beds: comfort
-Collars: identification
-Grooming supplies: brush, nail clippers, toothbrush/paste, scissors -Cat

Toys: to entertain themselves
* Household hazards: Keep away from your cat.
-Electrical cords and appliances
-Any small objects that can be easily swallowed (rubber bands, coins, nails) -Cleaners (laundry detergent, bleach)
-Toxic plants (daffodils, tulips, eucalyptus)
-Gasoline, Fertilizers, Alcohol
-Drugs and Medications
* Food Basics: Cats are carnivores. Their diet must consist of meat. -High quality food with the right amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals. -Food varieties: canned (wet), dry or semi-moist. (Most owners feed a mixture of canned and dry food). -Amount of food for a cat depends on his size, weight, age, and activity level. * Grooming can be a good bonding time to have with your cat. * Life Stages: Can live an average of 15-19 years.

* Vaccination is important for your cat against diseases. -Every year-3years, depending on the vaccination and vet recommendation * All cats should be spayed or neutered by the time they are 6months. -live longer, healthier and are more affectionate

* Always be alert for any signs of illness and act quickly if you think your cat is sick. (bleeding, diarrhea, discharge, limping, vomiting) * Socialization helps you bond with your cat and help you develop a closer relationship. * Training your cat: Supply treats and obtain a clicker.

* When your cat misbehaves, never yell or hit them. Instead, correct them and show them what they should be doing instead. -Cats often misbehave to get your attention.
-Boredom is a common cause for bad behavior.
* Understanding why your cat is misbehaving and getting to the root of the problem is the best way to correct unwanted behaviors.

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