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Animal Farm Persuasive

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Last week I read Martin Luther King’s speech, I have a dream and I read the animal farm. These two books took a big shock to my mind. This two speech have many same opinions, and I will talk you about their similarities. The king’s speech I have a dream was made in Washtington on 10.28 1963 and this speech took a big impact to American society and citizen, and his speech represent all the negro’s mind and desire. He persuaded the black to keep fighting with enemy and not let the demonstration for freedom change into violate activities. He did this speech because he want to let more people know that black don’t content with their life and let more people know there was no real equal and freedom in American. This speech got a big successful because this speech encourage the adoption of civil rights acts. The animal farm is a novel written by geroge orwell on 1945. Old major’s is a symbolic character in this book. He did a speech and this speech change all the animal’s life in the farm.

This speech exposed the unfair and pain which animals were suffering and changed animal’s mind. Major’s persuaded the animals don’t trust people anymore and his purpose was let animals to fight human and break all the people civilization and traditional. His speech got a big successful because the animal overthrow the human’s rule. Both speeches gave a big impact in the society where the lecturer in and get it purpose. Both speeches’ purpose was to get freedom for lecture’s race. Both lecturers died soon after speech. Although they have so many similarities but they also have differences the old major’s purpose was to get freedom for animals and revenge all the animals’ enemy, human being but martin’s purpose was to get freedom and equality for black. Old major wanted to get freedom through violence and martin wanted to get freedom through peace.

Work Cited

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