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Anchor-1: Good Morning everyone ! The galaxy of intellectuals, your Excellency, invited guests, teachers and my dear friends – how different is this evening. Dear audience, you will yourself discover as the colours of cultural feast unfold !

Well, my first and foremost duty – On behalf of the Principal, Teaching Staff and Students, we welcome you all to our GALAXY ENCHANT 2012

Anchor-2: We fell honored to have with us – The Honourable Chief Guest His Excellency Mr.., Resistrar , KU, – Sir you hardly need any introduction, you have made all of us proud by your distinguished work in numerous capacities. You are one of the Mentor for Education services . Guests of Honour : Mr, Director,UIET the man of distinct vision and a fountainhead of illuminating ideas, an idol of knowledge and experience and inspiration to all of us. Mr.., who is .

1. Ganesh Vandana speech-

Jaisa ki Doston Hamare culture me jab koi subh kariye karte hain to hamare vighan harta ganpati Ganesh ko pratham nimatran dete hai to kyun na aaj ke fest ka aagaj ganpati ganesh ke vandna ke saath Karen.

So put your hands together for the first performance . .

2. Sai Bhajan speech-
Shirdi Sai Baba remains a very popular saint especially in India, and is worshipped by people around the world. He is claimed to have had no love for perishable things and his sole concern was self-realization. He taught a moral code of love, forgiveness, helping others, charity, contentment, inner peace, and devotion to God and guru. Sai Baba remains a very popular saint, especially in India, and is worshipped by people around the world. Sai Bhajan by..Kuldeep, Civil , 2nd year.

About kuldeep, He has been the best singer in various high level singing

3. Solo Dance-
Dance is a way to express emotions. A solo dance is danced by an individual dancing alone, as opposed to couples dancing together but independently of others dancing at the same time, if any, and as opposed to groups of people dancing simultaneously in a coordinated manner. Solo dancers are usually the best dancers in a group or dance school. They usually dance at the edges of the street so that the viewing public can appreciate their moves. Now HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR another dance performance..

Anchor-1: That was indeed a lovely performance. How captivating ! poetry of footsteps !! A blend of cosmic tune and divine music !.

a) Gagandeep, mech, 3rd year, Dance song- (Phulkari)

Pyar karn Da Fayda-
payar karn da fayda tan hove,jekar dil di nu khich hove, baithe hoiye bhaven door-door,gallan do te matlav ik hove, jekar duniya sanu mar vi deve, asin do te kabar sadi ik hove! With the same feeling.we have this bhangra with us..

b) Swati , Ece, 3rd year, Dance song- (Mahiya)
Jab petrol rates bahut jayada ho jayege tho..ashiq apni Mahiya ko kuch yu kahenge Sone Di Chabi Mahiya Sone Di Chabi
Mahiya Petrol Hoya Mehnga Cycle Te Chal Mahiya

Next performer is Swati performing dance on song “Mahiya”.. c) Prerena, Ece, 3rd year, Dance song- (Mix)
Husan Dita Sohniye nu-Kehnde rabba dita husn je tu sohneya nu, te kahte ditiyan magrooriyan ne , pehle patt k putt begane fir langdiyan vatt k ghuriyan ne , je puchiye eh ki kita ariye tu, te kehngiyan chhad ve areya majburiyan ne. Ladkiyo ki adaye koi samaj nahi sakha.but prerena koisish kar rahi samjane ki by her lovely
dance performance

c) Parwinder, Ece, 2nd year, Dance song- (Surkhiyaan)

Jinn: Hukam aaka? Man: Ghar se dunai tak road banani hai Jinn: Mushkil hai aur koi kaam bataiye Man: Meri biwi ko aagyakari aur samajhdar bana do. Jinn: Road single banani hai ya dabule.. Apne samne agli performance le ke rahe hai

d) Uttkarsh, Guest Appearance Dance song- (Mix)
Wife – kitchen se aji sunte ho aajkal mai khubsurat hoti ja rahi hue . Husband – : tumne kaise jana Wife :- aaj kal meri khubsurti dekhkar rotiyan bhi jalne lagi hai ..

kuch asi hi performance hai.
e) Poonam, EE,2nd year Dance song- (“Bgha Bochniyaa waali” ) Na ishq karna mere yaar ye ladkiya bahut satati hai na karna in par aitbar ye kharch bahut karwati hai recharge tum karwa ke dete ho or number mera lagati hai

let’s check out .this dance
e) Payal , CSE, 4th year Dance song- (“Pyar aya-2” ) Arz hai unki galiyon ke chakkar kaat kaatte kutte hamare yaar ho gaye, wo to hamare na ho sake par hum kutton ke sardar ho gaye

ishq ke maaro ki halat tho aap samaj hi gaye aab ye performance dekhiye..

e) Supriya, CSE, 4th year Dance song- (“Aaja nachale” ) Na ishq karna mere yaar ye ladkiya bahut satati hai na karna in par aitbar ye kharch bahut karwati hai recharge tum karwa ke dete ho or number mera lagati hai let’s check out .this burning dance performance

e) Pardeep, ECE,3rd year Dance song- (“ ” ) Hotho se jo choo liya, Ehsaas Aab tak hai, Aankhe Nam hai, Aur sanso mein Aag aab tak hain Aur kyo na ho Khayi Bhi to ‘HARI Mirchi’hai let’s check out .this dance

4. Solo Singing-

Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice, and augments regular speech by the use of both tonality and rhythm. Since singing is a coordinated act, it is difficult to discuss any of the individual technical areas and processes without relating them to the others. There are eight components of the ideal singing posture: Hip-hop uses rapping, the rhythmic delivery of rhymes in a rhythmic speech over a beat or without accompaniment. Scientific studies suggest that singing can have positive effects on people’s health. A preliminary study based on self-reported data from a survey of students participating in choral singing found perceived benefits including increased lung capacity, improved mood, stress reduction, as well as perceived social and spiritual benefits. In many modern pop musical groups, a lead singer performs the primary vocals or melody of a song, as opposed to a backing singer who sings backup vocals or the harmony of a song. In European classical music and opera, voices are treated like musical instruments.

Scholars agree that singing is strongly present in many non-human species. Wide dispersal of singing behavior among very different animal species (like birds, gibbons, whales, and humans) strongly suggests that singing appeared independently in different species. Currently there are about 5400 species of animals that can sing. At least some singing species demonstrate the ability to learn their songs, to improvise and even to compose new melodies.[29] In some animal species singing is a group activity (see, for example, singing in gibbonfamilies.[30])

Bathroom Singer

a) ram singh, mech, 1st year, song- (Dil nu tere naal kina pyaar)

“Reh na paoge bhula kar dekh lo, Yakin na aaye to aajma kar dekh lo, Har jagah mehsus hogi meri kami, Apni mehfil ko kitna bhi saja kar dekh lo” kuch asi hi feelings ke sath aa rahe haifor awesome act!

b) Sumit, ECE, 2nd year, song- (Yarro dosti badi hee hasi hai)

“Har raat ko chaand ka shringaar nahi milta Har baag ko phool ka dulaar nahi milta Maine bhi duniya dekhi hai dost Har insaan ko aap jaisa yaan nahi milta”

Lets check out this beautiful song .

c) Yogesh, CSE, 2nd year, song- (Dil ko tumse pyar hua)

Arj hai. “Subah sham thari ghani yaad aawe se, Sari raat manne jagawe se, Karne ko kar lu call tanne, Per customer care ki wa chori bar bar balance low batawe se!”

Next hai

c) kuldeep, Civil, 2nd year, song- (Lal chaadi maidan khari) just enjoy.kyuki aap jante hai ki kuldeep ki awaz ki mithas kisi introduction ki mohtaj nahi hai.


Now HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR another dance performance CANDLE DANCE which perhaps is one of the oldest dance forms of the world. It hearkens back not just centuries but aeons ago. Dancing with desi beat bring us to a more elemental and archetypical state of mind. This mesmerizing, powerful and alluring traditional dance performance requires full body integration.

a) Mamta and Group, Dance song- (Main Vaari…..)
b) Jatin and Group, Dance song- (Character Dilla)
c) Dilbhag and Group, (Bhangra)
d) Ashish and Group, (Aslam Bhai)

6. Haryanvi Ragni-

Swang (also spelt Svang, or Saang is a popular folk dance drama or folk theatre form in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Swang incorporates suitable theatrics and mimicry (or nakal) accompanied by song and dialogue. It is dialogue-oriented rather than movement-oriented. Religious stories and folk tales are enacted by a group of ten or twelve persons in an open area or an open air theatre surrounded by the audience. Tradition credits Kishan Lal Bhaat for laying the foundation of the present style of Swang about two hundred years ago. Since women did not participate in the dance-drama form, men have traditionally enacted their roles. Dilbagh, ECE, 3rd year is going to present a ragni before you all.


By Sudhir, Mech, 3rd yearjara dhyan se uniye.

8. Speech for LAMP-LIGHTENING-
Now, we will have our traditional auspicious LAMP-LIGHTENING ceremony as a tribute to Mother Saraswati, the Godess of knowledge. (Mother, we pray for your blessings with all humility – give us wisdom to make this world a better place. May all human beings live in harmony with nature and other forms of life. May the truth prevail. May the darkness of ignorance be swept away by the dawn of self-realization.)that the by our honourable Chief Guest His Highness Sh. .. Sir Please


9. Speech for inviting Principal Sir for Appreciation of Chief Guest:-

Next, I would like to call upon our respected Principal, the sculptor of human character, a seasoned scholar and navigator of this flagship of
knowledge —– to present a brief agenda and give the school presentation.


Anchor-1: I still feel like lost in those melody dipped music notes. ( Anchor-2) Well, come back now. Let’s have a change.
Anchor-2: OK, what is next ?
Anchor-1: Wait, wait don’t step over the clock ! Come with me to the theatre of life . Now Final year students will educate us through a performance . Yes, behold – we now present a drama “SAY NO TO DRUGS” which will be performed by Gautam Tyagi and party. It is an attempt about the awareness among youth. It is a high-level costume drama.

Anchor-1: That was indeed a lovely performance. How captivating ! poetry of footsteps !! A blend of cosmic tune and divine music !.

11. Prize Distribution

Anchor-2: Now it is time we acknowledged the talent of our brimming buddies- prize distribution ceremony and annual day report, I request Principle Sir to announce the names of the winners and our hon’ble Chief Guest Sh.. ..to give away the prizes.

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