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Ampalaya (Momordica Charantia) Fruit Extract as Soap for Skin Diseases

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In this Chapter, the rationale, conceptual framework, statement of the problem, null hypothesis, significance of the study, scope and delimitation, and definition of terms are explicitly stated.


In this study, the price of every product increases every now and then, this is due to the fact that chemical used for these product increases too. Crops are very important because they are used for our daily lives. Substituting to these commercial products may serve as one practical approach to people. Philippines are flourished with crops that have been known to have nutritional properties and have been used as food for humans and animals through the years. We all known that soap is an example of commodities that required in a certain house and all people are using soap even the rich or poor people. All people also had known the importance of soap, for them to have clean body and for them not to be prone in diseases. Ampalaya soap (Momordica charantia) has an Effectiveness of ampalaya soap in skin diseases. Ampalaya or Bitter Melon leaves and fruits are excellent sources of Vitamin B, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. It is also rich in beta carotene. Ampalaya or Bitter Melon is used as herbal treatment for diabetes,
HIV, coughs,skin diseases, and sterility in women, parasiticide, antipyretic and as purgative among others.

Conceptual Framework

This study was conducted to test the effectiveness of ampalaya (Momordica Charantia) fruit as soap for skin diseases.

|Ampalaya |
|fruit |

|Ampalaya Pytochemical screening
|Disc-diffusion method |

|Amaplaya fruit as soap
|for skin diseases.

Statement of the Problem

This research study was conducted to determine the effect of ampalaya fruit as soap for skin diseases.

1. What are the active constituents of ampalaya fruit as soap?

2. What is the level of effectiveness of ampalaya fruit as soap for skin diseases?

3. Is there any significant difference between the ampalaya fruit and the positive control as soap for skin diseases?

Null Hypothesis

In this study the null hypothesis was tested at 0.05 level of significance. There is no significant difference between the amapalaya (Momordica
Charantia) fruit and the positive control as soap for skin diseases.

Significance of the Study

Philippines is abundant with plants that can help us our problems. We used herbal plant in this study, some people are suffering from diseases of skin. Our team is aware that a lot of people are concerned with their skin. We developed another product that is effective and helps in saving money.

This research study will benefit and find it’s true meaning to the ff.

• Dermatologist- dermatologist can now create another way to treat many skin diseases which comes from the local plant.

• Community – the community could have an effective soap for skin diseases , because they can afford now the soap that we’ve created which is cheaper and effective.

• Manufactures of soap- they will be benefited also because the materials they will use in making soap will be cheaper.

Scope and Delimitation

In this study, the research used ampalaya fruit extract in making bod soap for skin diseases. The study mainly focused on he used of ampalaya fruit. It further delimits to the problem met by the people suffering from skin diseases. The researcher used ampalaya fruit to create an alternative soap which is cheaper and effective. The general chemical constituents will be determined by Phytochemical Analysis that will be conducted at Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, Pharmacy Department. In short, the biological essay will be tested at Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, Microbiology Laboratory. This study will be conducted at Virgen Milagrosa Special Science High School, Martin P. Posadas Ave., San Carlos City, Pangasinan during year 2012-2013.

Definition of Terms

To shed the light in this study, there are the different term used by the researcher and they are defined conceptually and operationally.

❖ Active constituents- substances or chemical present in the amaplaya that can cure skin diseases.

❖ Experimentation- a scientific procedure under taken to make a discovery test a hypothesis or demonstrate a know fact.

❖ Soap- a mixture of sodium salts of various naturally occurring fatty acids.

❖ Ampalaya-this is a garden plant grown from a seed of ampalaya. This is the dependent variable of the study.

❖ Pytochemical screening- a screening used to determine the chemical or nutrients that derived from a plant. In this study, the researcher will use this process to determine the active constituents of the ampalaya fruits.

❖ Lye- a strong alkaline solution. As used in this study it is one of the ingredients of soap.

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